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New Scam is Big News - HEDGE FUNDS
1/7/2009 12:08:55 PM
Bernard Madoff's $50 billion Ponzi scheme continues to rock the financial world. But most hedge funds actually engage in similar — albeit legal — practices in the short run.,8599,1869196,00.html

Now with this news out there this will hopefully make EVERYONE relook at all of these other matrix programs and the risks involved. And soon you'll be seeing legislation making ALL participants just as guilty for being part of such scams.

Everybody continues to look for the BIG EASY BUCK. That's why our world is in the shape it's in now.

So, when you see how fast a pre-launch is growing be sure to ask who's involved and what do they do to earn money. If it's by recruits money being paid in - RUN LIKE HELL.

To wise decisions in 2009

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Kathleen Vanbeekom

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Re: New Scam is Big News - HEDGE FUNDS
1/7/2009 12:42:46 PM
What about the biggest Ponzi scheme in US history, Social Security?  The government has known for at least 25 years that it was going downhill, should everyone in the govt who decided to keep it going, be prosecuted?  We're all forced to pay into it.  It would only work if there are lots more young people than old people, but the past 2 decades, people live longer than ever before.  People are also having less children than when Social Security was first implemented, so it's not working according to plan.  Massive government prosecutions all around!  YAY!!!  Give all our money back!!!  I really don't think that's gonna happen.
Re: New Scam is Big News - HEDGE FUNDS
1/7/2009 1:01:47 PM
Hi Kathleen,

I can see your point but, the government never promised to make people RICH on Social Security. That's the difference here, sorry to say.

Thanks for posting.

Geketa Holman

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Re: New Scam is Big News - HEDGE FUNDS
1/7/2009 1:08:48 PM
Hey there Ken,

You think telling people the truth is going to make them stop looking for the fast buck ? I find that very doubtful the matrix programs are all scams and we know it and so do many of the poor suckers that participate but they still want something for nothing or very little effort .. that fast buck ..

Thanks for the article .. great read the only shame is not to many are going to see its a scam they want the money and that is the bottom line .. MONEY ! There are probably folks that don't even care if its a scam as long as it pays and they can ride it till it falls down dead.



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Thomas Dinnocenzo

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Re: New Scam is Big News - HEDGE FUNDS
1/7/2009 1:19:38 PM
Yes most hedge funds leverage assets beyond the point of reason, and ethics, but so do some banks and look where that got them. Either lack of regulation or the lack of enforcement of the regulations got us into this mess. A good example is the elimination of the Glass/Steagall Act. Some of the biggest "ponzis" out there are probably fractional reserve banking and the Social Security program. I quit recruiting anyone for anything a while back as it was a dead end for me as well. Most money making programs are dependent on recruiting to grow and should be growing with the production and sale of goods or services, or development of property, or other assets. Investment programs need to be scrutinized for how the money is used to grow the assets.
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