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posting your picture just got easier
1/6/2009 11:00:44 AM

I use my cell phone camera. I went in to Sprint and added it to my account. This way I donot need to buy a camera. Just send your pictures to your e mail. I can use all my e mails. Then I put them in my pictures. I do this first step with all my pictures.

Yahoo has a free picture area to upload to anywhere you want. It is called flickr   Make sure you get a yahoo e mail account before you join. If you give this link to anyone ( like I am doing ) make sure you are signed out at Flickr. If not your pic's and theirs go together! This is the easiest system on the net. Make sure you use their upload/download .

Remember that any picture or video takes a few minutes to download. You can tell it is working . My screen darkens a bit. Then it will take 5 seconds to show up.

As you are going through the setup at Flickr,put each page in favorites. Also at the bottom of each page are links to use. It had better be easy or I could not do it.

Pictures are very inportant in here because 90% of the Adlandplus people use the option to invite only people with pictures. Also I feel most people that do not have a picture quit.

Just one more helpful note. Do not forget to post your business in any forums that permit it. Have a good day!



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