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Direct Payments of $1838 straight to your PayPal Account
1/6/2009 12:23:03 AM
Hello ALP Members,

I just wanted to bring this 1-Up System of the EZ Wealth Program here as one of the more affordable Big-Builds with a monthly payment:

Currently, the monthly payment to be a reseller is $10/ month!!! That is good considering the payments are made in $47, $97, $247, $497 and $997 amounts.

All you need to do is have $57 initially in your AlertPay or SafePay account (Initial Cost to pay for your 1-UP Qualifier plus $10 monthly fee).

This system can be thought of a single-line matrix to infinity with the possibility of opening separate sales lines.

Continuity: There is a pay-it forward system meaning, that the first person who joins under me will be my qualifying sale and once you agree to "Pay-it-forward" to start you own sales line and become a verified re-seller (that is where you pay your monthly fee of $10) I will pay for your entry.

The next person in the team-build will join under that person and will be "Paid-Forward" by my qualifying sale and the process repeats indefinitely.

What we can do here is test the level 1 state for as long as the list gets and those members who accumulate enough commissions to purchase the next levels will do so. We will post messages appropriately to keep track of who can go up one level.

This has the potential to grow very quickly because the payment units are big enough for huge returns at early stages but affordable enough to at least consider:

This is how fast it can go:
Level 1-------------------------------->Level 2------------------------------>Level 3
$47 (x 3 sales) = $141 - $44 = $97 (x 3 sales) = $291 - $44 = $247

---------------------------------->Level 4--------------------------------->Level 5

(x3 sales) = $741 - $244 = $497 (x3 sales) = $1491 - $494 = $997

Now you have reached Level 5 and are ready to go into the 2-UP system, but not to go into that just look at your profits but just having a straight line of successive qualifying sales of 3 at each level (i.e. every 4 referrals recurring in the downline):

Total Profit = $826!!!

Then with 3 sales at level 5 that's another $997 x 3 = $2991 - $1153 = $1838

$1838 is what you then pay your upline to be qualfied to receive your own $1838 x 2 = $3676!!! Since this sales line allows for a 2-UP system (i.e. 2 sales lines giving you $1838 over and over again to infinity).

And your profit even before entering into the 2-UP is a whopping $1979!!!!. That's enough to pay for a whole year's monthly subscriptions and still buy another 2-UP qualifiying sale.

I know it won't take that long here at the ALP Forum!

Nb: From my observation the word sales is used to distinguish between a referral you pay forward as opposed to a referral in your sales line. (Please check it out in the tour and discuss here as well, if you have any questions)

Let me take this opportunity to invite all who are reading to consider other team-builds that are working here in this forum to boost their account to afford this system:

This system can work here with the great team at the Divas and as I just outlined the successful builds can return you some significant cash for your investments to at least accumulate $47 to pay your first referral forward.

This one-up system seen in this program can be better illustrated taking the free tour. If you want to take the tour which is included in joining you can take your time and do so.

Any queries or comments please leave them here and we will discuss it all.

Let's do this!

Take your Tour and get Qualified Here $10/month Only!!!!

Join Here

P.S. When you start you need only pay the First Month's Reseller Fee of $10 and you are ready to go. 

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