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Brad West

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Our New Blog Co-Op (I am Spamming my own forum) LOL
1/3/2009 5:42:34 PM

We will be adding features as we grow, as of right now we are focused on the Blog Co-Op. We are in hopes that if you have a blog, we can all work together to help promote each other. The old way of asking others to help you and you give nothing back will not cut it here.

It is a MUST that you be willing to visit, comment, bookmark, and connect with other bloggers involved with similar interest. On the outside the Blog Co-Op is a simple information based system, driven by members interacting and making connections on each others sites.. But what is happening behind the scenes will give you an extra punch. That is all I can really say, we are doing something different, and yes it is all white hat.

Just keep good track of all your statistics, as we should all be doing anyway. ;)

The Internet Marketers Guild Blog Co-Op

Brad West ~ onomoney
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Sheryl Loch

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Re: Our New Blog Co-Op (I am Spamming my own forum) LOL
1/5/2009 12:56:10 AM
Hey Brad,
I wrote a post on my blog that tells a bit about how the Blog Co-Op works and how members will benefit from being a part of the "tribe".

Blog Co-Op at The Internet Marketers Guild

The post also has links so people can follow the Internet Marketers Guild on Twitter and FriendFeed. This will make it easier for them to see when new post are made, will help them get more exposure, and the fast ones can get over to new blog articles and get the 1st comment spot. LOL!

I will continue to add info as I can. If anyone has questions let me know!!

Sheryl Loch

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