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Do you market offline? If so, how?
12/18/2008 7:02:22 AM
Many of you may be asking why should I market offline if I have an Internet business. If you are asking this then you are missing many, many clients.

Besides bumper stickers and car decals how else can you get your name out. Sure, business cards are high on the list but what else can you do?

Here's a goldmine secret for all of you. Somewhere nearby there is a place where performances happen. Whether music, ballet, play, symphony, comedy there is a program printed for each event and they are always looking for advertisers to fill the spaces in their pages of their program.

Those programs stay around for a long time since they are what's left of someone's performance and within will be your ad. Ad sizes vary so you should find something to fit your budget.

I do this in symphony and brass band programs promoting drum lessons and the website and it works.

This may not work for everyone or everything. Also, know the laws on what you can advertise in your state. Some internet business offers are illegal to promote in certain states.

Merry Christmas

Kenneth Ray Sword Jr
Re: Do you market offline? If so, how?
12/18/2008 9:31:19 AM
Great post Kenneth and yes I agree with you, there is a goldmine in off line promotion. You can also find many people with great business minds and sales skills, when you prospect in the right places.
With the downturn in the economy here in the U.S., is a great time to get out there and begin to build business relationships with people in some of these struggling sectors within our business communities.
How do I market off line? I create postcards and greeting cards on my PC, they are then printed, stamped and mailed for me from the Send Out Cards home office.
I never send out hard core advertising in my first piece, instead I send a piece to introduce myself, the reason for the card along, with my story about why I chose to be a stay home entreprenuer. Right now I'm targeting people in the financial and auto industries and there are many people out there in the offline world who need what us home based business owners have to offer.
Feel free to try the system that I use for free and see if it is something that you can use to promote your favorite product or service offline.

Believe me, it works better than email.

Happy Holidays
Raul Renteria

Sincerely Raul Renteria
Re: Do you market offline? If so, how?
12/21/2008 5:05:27 PM
Offline marketing is a MUST for any small business to make it, unless you are an "internet business" (meaning web host, or web developer, or other business that can ONLY be done online). Yes, I market offline. I have several avenues that I use, include postcards, newsletters, catalogs, local events. If I want to check out an offline event to see if it would benefit me to set up next time. I'll take business cards, brochures, and other marketing material with me, walk around, talk to other vendors, dealers, and visitors, and hand out the info. It's a lot of work, but it does pay off in the long run. Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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