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Bill Brown

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New years resolutions anyone?
12/12/2008 6:52:14 AM

With over 10 years of internet experience it is my considered opinion
that these days the experienced Internet users join people NOT programs.
It is therefore vital that you learn to sell YOU not your program.

The so called Guru's would have you believe that you need to slam ads
for your program in the face of everyone you meet, and those you dont
by posting your ads everywhere you can find.

They tell you to:-
Write down a list of friends and family.
Tell everyone you know about the program
Tell everyone you don't know about the program.
Always have your presentation map with you and pull it out at every opportunity.

How many of you have followed this advice?
How many of you find that people run the other way when they see you coming now?
How many of you create a profile that talks about your program not about you?

Does this sound familiar?
It takes 100 No's to get a Yes.
If someone says no just think Next.

What a crock of crap!

Count up how much time did you waste to get those 100 No's?

Its time to wake up, smell the coffle, and get real.
Its time to spend your time more efficiently.

If you sell YOU then people will come to YOU you will not have to
chase them down like a rabid animal out to kill just for pleasure.

Ask yourself this question.

"Do I want to be know as a someone that cant think for myself or
do I want to be known as a real genuine person with a mind of my own"

It is almost new year. The time most people make new years resolutions.
Add these to your list. But be warned they will be far harder to keep than
the usual stop smoking, lose weight, get fit resolutions that most people make.

STOP making a pariah of yourself.
STOP being Sheeple and following every word the Guru's tell you.
STOP spouting quotes like a parrot every time you open your mouth.
STOP pretending to be every ones friend.

START thinking for YOURSELF.
START selling YOU.

What are my resolutions?

CONTINUE thinking for MYSELF.
CONTINUE selling ME.

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: New years resolutions anyone?
12/12/2008 11:51:44 AM
Hello Bill,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice.  I agree.
The internet has changed the way one does business now because we get so inundated with advertisements, spam and the like thrown
at us from all directions.

Buy me, Sign up now before the price goes up, etc etc.  All designed for panic buying in case they run out - yet in all tense
and purposes, They are not running out, they have far too much inventory or they have just started.

I particularly dislike going to a business website to see what they have to offer, the price to get started, and have to read through yards of guff that does not really tell me anything and still cannot
find how much it is.
I arrive at the website on invitation and there is so little on the front page that I have to put my name, email and phone number before I can enter, then to discover once inside, it is not what I thought so I am not interested then have to put up with people sending me their
emails for ever or have them call me on the phone.

I feel I am not cut out to find an online business that will pay me a
livable income that does not cost huge upfront fees, with the support I desire and need to filter through the 'weeds on the web' to find
the green grass.  I have been scammed so often that I am jaded
and cynical to nearly everyone who presents me with their business. 

I dislike being like this, because my basic beliefs of 'not everyone
is out to harm me' in the human race have been so compromised and I have been ripped off.  I am scrutinizing everyone in a way that
I did not before.

The internet has become so huge with people from all over
the world working on there that there is no way for any cyber law inforcement of any kind to really be effective to stamp down on
these scammers.

Building a trusting friendship with others on the internet is the only way one is really going to feel comfortable.  I have been with
Adland Pro nearly 4 years and I reckon I will stay here 'warts and
all' because I have some very valuable friends on here.

What would I do without you to help me with my web site hosted
at Lowcost Webspace you endorce?  Thanks Bill for all your help.                      



Bill Brown

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Re: New years resolutions anyone?
12/12/2008 2:27:10 PM

Hi Amanda,

It is fully understandable that people become skeptical and untrusting
with all the scams that are out there.

It is a question of first deciding what you want to achieve.
Then establish yourself and while you are doing that
look for something that you feel comfortable with.
Look for a product that you will actually use and feel happy to use.
Do articles of general interest based around the product but not mentioning it.

As people get to know you they will ask you what you are doing.
Don't blow it at this point, let them ask the questions, you supply the answers.

These are the people that will join you and stay active.

Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: New years resolutions anyone?
12/12/2008 2:27:22 PM

Well said Bill.

Amanda had a load of good stuff to say as well.

This year has been, for me, a difficult one with computer and personal problems.

The image put out by somebody like me with problems making me fail to do what I said I would is bad. This has a huge knock on effect. Why? Because people view you as uncommited and untrustworthy it takes a lot of reversing.

I try to be honest with folk and that is the way to do business. You are so right. I am in the process of dumping failed programmes and I make sure that I only promote what I am sure is trustworthy.

Yes. The person is what you need to sell, the rest will follow.


Bill Brown

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Re: New years resolutions anyone?
12/12/2008 8:22:38 PM

Hi Roger,

Sometimes events overtake us and we have to stop doing what we are doing to deal with them.

Once the focus has been spent on putting those things in order, then we can return to what we were doing  and  re focus and regroup our thoughts to continue on with our other projects.

If a person as built a reputation for honesty and openness then providing they say something to the effect of  "sorry but  personal circumstances prevent me from doing what I had planned to do and there will be delays" then it should not  hurt the persons reputation.

Being specific and taking  us for example  you told me that there would be delays due to personal circumstances  and  I accepted that and  as far as I am concerned you are no less a person for it. In fact  my respect  was raised  simply because you didn't just vanish  without a word. I knew that when the time is right for you will be interacting again.

These are  real relationships that last  no matter what. I have people that I met over 10 years ago on the internet  and  although we are not in constant contact  we are always there when the other one has resolved what ever they needed to, and we pick up as if tere had been no break.





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