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The Selfishness of offering one's opportunity
11/27/2008 6:42:57 PM
I know that with this community, it's about networking. UNFORTUNATELY, I've noticed that it's all about "MY OPPORTUNITY" and why you should join "ME". Folks, not everyone is interested in your opportunity, and blasting away to the masses makes you look DESPERATE, STUPID, and SELFISH. ********** There are two ways to market yourself: 1) Target Market. Contact those whose opportunity can be helped by your opportunity. If you sell chocolate, don't contact someone who sells a weight loss program. On the other hand, if your chocolate is non-fattening, then it makes sense to network with the weight loss person. Someone who sells beauty products should not be blasting their opportunity to someone who sells sports products. Network with those where both your opportunities compliment each other. 2) Promote An Opportunity Or Service That Helps Everyone. This can be somewhat complicated because it could all depend on one's perception. Someone who sells, sets up, or markets websites can work with almost anyone online. Someone who can help with SEO can work with almost anyone. Offer something that everyone needs. In my case, I offer voice broadcasting, legal and health services. Anyone who deals with prospects or customers knows that it is a pain the *** to get through dozens or hundreds of utterly stupid morons who tell you that they didn't fill out that contact form (that magically has all the information that only they would know), or they have to talk it over with their spouse, or my broke cousin told me not to work with you, or are just plain losers. The broadcast service I have allows me to go past all the morons and gets me in front of the "brain enhanced" people who want what I have to offer. In the case of legal services, every single business has issues with lawsuits, debt collection, or how to manage or market their business effectively. Any of these can potentially close down your business. This is one reason I offer this service, because every business owner (including Network Marketers) needs the legal protection for themselves and their business. In the case of health services, it's pretty obvious. One major health crisis can drain your entire finances. Everyone needs health care, or, at least, something close to it. ********** Believe me, I want people to sign up me, as well. Please understand, this was not an opportunity to hit you with my opportunities. It's all about Networking. For those who understand my message, they will contact me and start a relationship. Those who don't agree can go on with their lives and never contact me. You see, TARGET those who share a common interest and leave the rest alone. The selfishness of blasting your opportunity to the masses will make the masses avoid you. Think about it. I'm curious to see what you all think.
Anthony Washington
Re: The Selfishness of offering one's opportunity
12/2/2008 11:06:33 AM
Very interesting.

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