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Venerina Conti

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The pics are up!!!
11/27/2008 6:32:47 AM
First of all ... a very very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our friends in the USA.  I'll be looking around some of the forums for those traditional yearly stories.  I love reading about how you all celebrate.

Next off .... Well, a few people have asked me for pics from my hols ... so, I've posted the better ones on the Internet.

You can see them at:

The collections from this trip are under the titles UK and Spain. If you're interested though, there are other collections from just a few of my travels.

If you're an artist, please feel free to add your pics to the group for artesans and artists that I've created:  Here

Take care and celebrate well and if you're not celebrating, like us here in EU, well ... enjoy your day and week.

Namaste and hugs all round

Rahul Majumdar

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Re: The pics are up!!!
11/27/2008 10:59:34 AM
Hello Dr. V.,

How are you?  I'd like to echo your sentiments
to our American friends who are celebrating
Thanksgiving at home and abroad.

It looks like you had a great vacation!  So modest -
all your photos are splendid and reveal your zest
for the finer aspects of life.

Thank you for sharing and stay in touch!


Rahul aka Info-entrepreneur RM

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Nick Sym

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Re: The pics are up!!!
11/27/2008 11:51:03 AM
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Rick Martin

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Re: The pics are up!!!
11/27/2008 10:26:22 PM
Dr. Venerina

Hi there! It looks like you saw a lot of things during your recent trip and had a good time with your new camera and friends. I enjoyed your whole collection. We look forward to getting together with you soon.

Rick and Marilyn
Always Ask What would Christ do and follow your heart.
Robert De Merode

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Re: The pics are up!!!
12/1/2008 1:41:05 PM

Hello Venerina,

I am impressed by your photos, obviously you are having fun with that new camera, but there is more to it than that, if I may express my opinion. (Go for it Robert, get yourself hooted!)

Traditionally, in the well to do books of photography they all insist that a picture should contain if not a person at least an animal for the purpose of giving a dimension or at best a distance relevancy to the scenery. (One great way of making a mother in law think she’s popular! Oups!) But you go beyond this and that is smart.

Going beyond this recommendation, as I see it, it creates a resultant impression of them as one and thereby could be, if set into a painting; portray a personality that can only be yours. Now, that is a success if it were to be correct.

It is a massive advantage to be passionate in the search for life in its particular angles.

Now as to the personality, …. let that be for a future forum all to itself. J

Yours friendly,



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