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$10.00 makes $20,000 in 60 days
11/20/2008 12:00:13 AM
It may sound funny, but sometimes during a recession, the best strategy is not to pull back, but to push forward... But you have to know when to's entirely possible to use this recession to your advantage, ** AS SEEN ON OPRAH! $10.00 MAKES $20.000 IN 60 DAYS ** AS SEEN ON OPRAH! $20K IN YOUR ALERTPAY ACCOUNT! THIS IS NOT A JOKE.......IT REALLY WORKS You can make as much a $20,000. This is so easy, just give it a shot! I Promise it works!!! This is not a company asking you to sign up and sell. It is real people sending/posting this for you because they have had success with it and know that it works. Otherwise they wouldn't take the time to keep posting/sending. You may have heard of this program (or one like it). $10.00 is all it takes. Who can't afford $10 to invest in something with this big of a profit margin. It's ten dollars!!! That's it!!! I'll try to keep it short and sweet. This program will not take much of your time at all but it is 100% worth it to make thousands so quickly. This is not a scam that takes lots of your hard earned money. This is a $10.00 investment that will make you money quickly. Just $10.00 Just don’t eat at McDonald’s twice and you have your ten dollars. That’s the best investment I’ve ever heard!!! To get started just copy this whole page and paste it to edit it. Simply follow the instructions below and in just weeks, you will have as much as $20,000 dollars in your Alertpay account, or even more!!! Most people respond to this program because of the low investment (ten dollars) and the high profit potential. There is no limit to the amount of income you can generate from this (you can do it over and over). If you follow the instructions I am giving you, you will reach thousands of people. HONESTY, FAITH, TRUST, AND INTEGRITY make this system work. I think everyone has heard of Alertpay. Anyone with an e-mail address can join free of charge. If you are not already an Alertpay user the first thing you need to do is sign up. Sign up at: It's really easy to set up and it's FREE!!! Just make sure that it is a Business or Personal Pro account to receive more than $500.00 or you may be subjected to a monthly income limitation, which may slow the program down. TEAM WORK MAKES THIS PLAN WORK! SO LET’S GET STARTED: Send $5.00 to the first person on the list by using the “Send Money” feature on Alertpay and include in the e-mails ADD ME TO YOUR LIST! This keeps the program legal and approved by Alertpay. Then send another $5.00 to the 5th person on the list, with an e-mail that says, THANK YOU, I’VE JOINED! Delete the 1st e-mail address and place your e-mail address at the Bottom. Move the 2nd e-mail address to the 1st position, 3rd to 2nd, 4th to 3rd, and 5th to 4th. DO NOT TRY TO PLACE YOURSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE! IT WILL ONLY REACH THE PEOPLE YOU SEND IT TO AND THEN YOUR NAME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST!!! If you do this the way it is designed, it will reach thousands by the time your name gets to the top. REMEMBER TO SEND a $5.00 donation to the 1st e-mail and the message PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST, and send an e-mail with the words THANK YOU I'VE JOINED and the other $5.00 donation to the 5th person. This helps the 5th person keep track of progress of the letter and continue to send out more emails. Here’s the list: 1. easyincomelinks@hotmail.com2. 3. 4. 5. ***Make sure it's the same e-mail address that you used to open your Alertpay account. This is the way you will receive payment! Now that you have paid the 1st person and the 5th person and sent them both an e-mail note and placed your e-mail address in position 5, then what you need to do is post your letter. You can post on,, message boards, classifieds, and you can even send to your personal email list. (IT IS YOUR JOB AS THE 5TH PERSON ON THE LIST TO ENSURE THERE ARE AT LEAST 20 THANK YOU, I'VE JOINED replies. ) The 5th person is the guardian of the system! If there are not at least 20 replies, then the 5th person needs to keep sending/posting the letter until there is. You will receive thanks AND THE SAME BLESSING, when your name is 1st on the list, 8000 to 15000 people will send you $5.00! Keep in mind that you have only invested $10.00!!! (REMEMBER: what goes around comes around) TESTIMONIALS: Mary Gatters, Columbus , SC : I only have one thing to say: OH MY GOD! I sent out 142 copies total before 20 replied, like the instructions said. Then I went on a short vacation. When I got back my account had over $32,000 dollars in it already and the money was still coming!!! I'm still floating on air (especially with my new car) I thought the guardian system sounded cheesy, but now I realize it is the formula that makes this letter really work. Richard Barrie, Boulder, CO: I was Shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my Alertpay account. With 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to 22,449. At first, I thought there was an error in my account!!! HERE ARE THE STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS AGAIN: 1. Set up your Alertpay account, if you don't already have one, and send the 1st person on the list $5.00 dollars. DON'T FORGET to include PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST. This is important as it keeps it legal!!! 2. Send the other $5.00 dollars and an e-mail stating THANK YOU, I'VE JOINED to the 5th person in the list. 3. Remove the top name and bump the other 4 up one position. Place you name in the bottom slot and you will receive a minimum of $20.000 or more for your efforts at the very least. 4. Keep sending/posting the letter until you get at least 20 Thank you, I've joined replies in your mailbox. **That's it. It is THAT simple! Please give an honest effort, you will not be disappointed and will be very glad you did when it starts to work. Remember, all you are going to be out of pocket is $10.00 dollars. That's a few cups of coffee that could have made you THOUSANDS!!! So just skip coffee a few days and put a little time into this and you can have millions of coffees. Take the smallest risk of your life. Remember, this isn't a company sending you to a site to sign up, it is real people who have had success with it so they put it out there for you to see and do yourself. Real people are trying to help other real people have a better life, after all, to get what you want in life, all you have to do is help enough other people get what they want and then yours will come!!! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!! You're going to love this... Kym States Friend, you have reached bottom of the page, go up and ACT!!!

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