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10 Steps to Success (I am here to help)
11/13/2008 2:30:50 PM

Hi Friend,

Leon van der Linde here. Nothing to sell!!!

I coach, mentor, and teach frustrated network
marketers the necessary skills to make an extra
pay check from home.

Regardless of what company you are with.

You'll find NO hype, NO affiliate links,
NO sales pitch, and NOTHING to buy...
just the RAW TRUTH on what REALLY does &
does not work in this industry and WHY,
from someone with nearly 30 years of
in-the-trenches experience!

98% of network marketers Fail.
Learn to build your business with ease and
consistency and with a solid foundation.

This FREE e-book changed my personal and
Network Marketing life, and will save me
years of failure and frustration.

Of course, it is your decision! Remember,
You will be making a decision that will
impact the rest of Yours and Your Familys Life.

Some folks ask me WHY would anyone do this for FREE?

It's my way of Giving Back to this great industry
that s provided me with a life most people only
dream of, I have found that the more
I give back the more I receive.

Applying what you learn will save you YEARS of
failure & frustration, as it has for myself and
countless others.

Don't miss this free opportunity to expand
your knowledge. Learn how to build any
network marketing business. Free
Your Success starts with Your Belief that You do
Deserve Success in Your life....Please, Remember
this, Nothing Important Is Easy.

To your success,

Leon van der Linde
+27 82 573 5910 (call anytime).
skype: leonvdl     


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