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Len Berghoef

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The Truth About Bottle Water
11/7/2008 5:21:44 PM
Hi Adland friends,

Bottled water is often not what it is suppost to be,
and the cost is second only to soda! Americans in 2006 spent $11 billion on bottled water!

((youtube id="XfPAjUvvnIc"))((/youtube))  

Have a great weekend!


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Re: The Truth About Bottle Water
11/7/2008 7:31:19 PM
I agree with the video. I have worked in a convenience store and wondered why people buy so much bottled water when for a quarter they could buy a cup and drink tap water with ice even. Especially here in Montana where we really do have good water for the most part. Mary Jean
Jo Matthias

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Re: The Truth About Bottle Water
11/7/2008 7:36:10 PM

Hello Len,

Thanks for the video......   I have never drank any bottled water that tasted good.  I drink a bottled soda every now and again....then I wash the bottle and fill it three quarters full of tap water and freeze it.  And when I am going somewhere I add water to fill the bottle and have great tasting ice water.

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Lucy Walker

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Re: The Truth About Bottle Water
11/8/2008 12:41:26 AM

Hi Len,

As a kid our drinking water was carried a half mile home from a delicious crystal clear spring that was maintained by my Aunt Marion. It was surrounded by water lilies and various species of mint. An occasional water moccasin had to be avoided and when the tin bucket was removed from the water one had to wait for the debri to settle before taking a second bucket. The crayfish and tiny fish scurried around the bottom in order to avoid capture.

The water was and still is the best I have ever tasted. It was very difficult to drink tap water when I moved North. I drank bottled water because it tasted more like the spring water from home. I can smell the chlorine in our tap water. I also don't like the fact that sometimes you must wait for the rust to run off.

Lately, I have tried to get used to drinking tap water because it is filtered through my new refrigerator's filter. I have also drank some brands of bottled water that tasted as if it was filled from the tap. The price of bottled water delivery has become quite ridiculous lately. They say the increase is a fuel surcharge.

What can I say? It all comes down to the dollar. What does it all really have to do with water?



Nick Sym

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Re: The Truth About Bottle Water
11/8/2008 4:46:51 AM
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