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Are you ready for increased traffic?
10/29/2008 2:23:32 PM
If any of your websites are stuck in the search
engines and you can't bump them up to page one no
matter what you do, here's something that will
work like dynamite:
There's nothing like some serious SEO to juice
your sites and experts Jeff Alderson and Charles
Kirkland have created software for you to do just
It's even free.
Keeping on top of the latest SEO trends is
time-consuming. Things changes constantly and
using software that stays on top of the latest
trends saves you a ton of time and boosts your
profits at the same time.
Now, you don't just need traffic. You need
affiliates to promote your product too.
Affiliates will send highly targeted traffic to
your site but only if you provide them with the
tools they need to promote your product.
When I check out an affiliate product and see
that they provide no affiliate resources
whatsoever I usually can't be bothered to promote
This is why Free Web Tools gives you software
that automatically generates a resource page for
affiliates and templates for all the promo
materials they need. It even automatically embeds
your affiliates' code into the materials. Pretty
Writing comments on blogs is a great way to build
backlinks and increase traffic to your site.
But it's so much work to manually find the right
So you'll also get software that does this work
for you.
At a glance you'll see the sites that are worthy
of your time and get all the relevant data about
those sites at a glance.
There is no cost to you whatsoever so you really
owe it to yourself to go explore this site for
yourself and see how it can help you grow your
To Your Success,
P. S. The software comes with giveaway rights so
you can pass it on to your subscribers, if you'd


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