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Which Candidate Can Rally the Troops?
10/29/2008 8:35:10 AM

Which Candidate Can Rally the Troops?


My fellow Americans,


This is perhaps the most important election this country has ever been blessed with. Our great country is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of our former allies are no longer standing by our side. Our economy is in shambles, and we the people are in need of a leader that can restore America without leaving behind any of its citizens.


Most of us watched the debates and saw each candidate share his views about the war, about the economy and about how to bring this country back into the greatness that we are capable of achieving. We have seen the management style of each candidate, and based on what they have said or allowed others to say on their behalf, we can see a pattern that can give us an idea of who they really are. More importantly, we can see a pattern of where they will take this country.


One side chose the slogan of “Country First” for its banner. Certainly every American can relate to such a calling, but how each American responds to putting country first can vary greatly depending on who you are. However, it is fair to say that what John McCain meant by “Country First” was that we were to stand up behind him and behind his support for the war in Iraq.


However, most Americans have grown tired of the war. Most voters know that we entered the war in Iraq under false and fabricated pretenses. The majority of Americans know that the greatest threat to the Iraqi people was Saddam Hussein, and that he did not pose any major threat to us. For that reason most believe that putting “Country First” means bringing back our troops so that they can be rejoined with their families.


Not only that, the economic landscape is affecting the majority of U.S. citizens in such a negative way, that many feel is time we put our “Country First” by using the millions that are being spent in the war in Iraq towards the rebuilding of our economy. After all, the war in Iraq is an unnecessary war, and to truly bring honor to those who are fighting on behalf of this great nation, we have to bring them back.


To keep our troops in Iraq is to misuse their sacrifice. They achieved victory the moment they raised their right hand and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States. They have nothing else to prove to the world and to the American people. They are heroes, and to suggest or imply that it is possible to look at American service members as less than victors should considered by most voters as dishonorable.


When people start forcing their perceptions on America without consensus and regard for the voices of all its citizens, it is time for “Change.” When a few control the power and use it to quiet the voices of those who have the least, most people will agree, that it is “Change We Need.” Most people agree that America is hungry for growth, and that new leadership is needed to move forward into prosperity.

The majority of voters know that to come to an encounter with prosperity; that to embrace the “Change We Need” every straggler along the road must be given a chance to join the march into the glory days. That every person, African American or Caucasian, Hispanic, poor, rich, middle class, young or at whatever station they find themselves in life, has to walk side by side joining hands together.


 This movement forward into better times for America requires that we be united in spite of our differences. The journey in which we have to venture, necessitates a posture of peace and reconciliation. The “Change We Need” movement embodies such a posture. The Obama led “Change We Need” movement has constantly been focused on bringing positive change for the majority of Americans.


The premise of the “Change We Need” campaign is echoed by the reality that awaits us in the days and months ahead. America’s challenges are such that motivation, inspiration, constancy, unity, peace, cohesiveness, and hope are necessary to take the next step forward. Obama as president will bring with him the ability to project and live out these energizing qualities to our Nation.


All you have to do is look at Obama’s campaign; see how effective and cohesive it operates. See how the people who are working it have bonded to the point that they depend on each other. Notice how they move about as one big family, and how all the supporters that have been touched at the rallies come out fully engaged and motivated to lend a helping hand in America’s transformation and edification process.


Obviously there is no contest. America, you are looking at a preview of what the Obama presidency can bring to you. The dreams of the past can become a reality. However, for your dreams and the dreams of all Americans to come to full term, you must vote Obama/Biden for president. It is time to move forward; it is time for change. Get up and vote for Obama, and let us get busy on working together for a better America.



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