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Joe the Plumber: Another Example of McCain’s Gambling Problem?
10/29/2008 8:33:52 AM

Joe the Plumber: Another Example of McCain’s Gambling Problem?


A lot has been said about Sen. McCain’s leadership style over the past years. There has been disagreement by Republicans and Democrats about the boastful claims that the McCain campaign has made over the course of this election, but one thing both sides generally agree on is that Sen. McCain is a gambler.


To be honest with you, when it comes to politics, it is often hard to tell who is speaking the truth and who is raising the “imagination bar” beyond its border. Therefore, it is best (as McCain constantly tells us) to look at a politician’s record of accomplishment to see if in fact he or she is what they say.


In the case of McCain, the argument is that he is a gambler. Now, personally I think that gambling is a nasty and dirty habit, especially for one who claims to be walking with the Lord. However, for some reason some in His campaign staffers have proudly boasted about McCain’s gambling leadership style.


In an interview with Brian Williams from MSNBC, when asked if he would be attending the debate in Oxford, Mississippi, John McCain responded by saying “Well, I am a betting man. But I'd like to say, that I'm very hopeful.” For those of you who saw the interview, you probably recall that he had a look of pleasure and pride when he said this.


Now, you may also remember that this interview took place as a result of speculations that McCain would not show up to the Presidential Debate. The specualtions arose because he took a gamble and went to Washington on the whim that he was going to rescue the nation from financial chaos. After arriving to Washington, he made a feeble attempt to convince his Republican cronies, but at the end of the day, he was sent back to the campaign trail without his dice in hand.


Since the dice did not roll his way, he ended up having to go to the debate. To his dismay, everyone else also showed up, and he spent the whole night looking away from Sen. Obama, perhaps hoping that his worst nightmare would disappear so that he could get back to his dice game once again. By the way, some say that he did not look at Sen. Obama because he does not like him; however, I speculate that he was just looking for his favorite dice.


Anyhow, according to political analysts, Sen. Obama won the debate, and after the debate, Sen. McCain’s campaign has been in a downward spiral that only gets worse as the day of the elections nears. Therefore, in retrospect, his “political gamble” destroyed the lead that he was temporarily holding because of his previous gamble with Gov. Palin. I say temporarily holding, because it was just a matter of time before the “Palin Bubble” would burst.


Remember, everything was fine with Gov. Palin while she was still in the showroom. Then as soon as she was put in situations where her ability to verbalize her political views was necessary, all of us saw how unprepared she is to lead the nation. Since the situation that we are facing is of a critical nature, many who where enamored with her apparent naiveté where quick to adjust their emotions and became concerned with Sen. McCain’s obvious gamble.


As the two campaigns entered into the third and final Presidential Debate, Sen. McCain walked in with a new trick up his sleeve. It turns out, as many of you know, that a man in Ohio was critical of Sen. Obama’s plan to heal America’s economic crisis. According to news reports this man had an issue with the tax break that Sen. Obama is proposing for the middle class.


For some reason Sen. McCain, saw this as his opportunity to finally vanquish Sen. Obama. Because he was so sure that this was the trick that would finally bring his defunct campaign from the ashes, he could not wait to put his secret weapon “Joe the Plumber” into the game. I am not sure what he was trying to prove with “Joe the Plumber,” but I think his argument was against the sharing of wealth.


Nevertheless, whatever his gamble, the whole thing has blown up in his face. It turns out that “Joe the Plumber” is not a registered voter. Reports from many agencies state that “Joe the Plumber” a non-voter, has tax liens against him. Therefore, McCain picked a non-voter who does not pay his taxes as his poster boy. Do you want to get away Sen. McCain? Perhaps you should have done some research on this character before betting your chances at the White House on him.


Of course that is not the way you do business Sen. McCain; you are a betting man. However, with the state of the economy and other very important issues at risk, we do not need a betting man in the White House. We need a president who like Sen. Obama, studies and analyzes situations before moving forward. We need a president who like Sen. Obama plans, and sticks to his plan while making calculated adjustments based on factual data and not on a whim.


Sen. McCain, America is not Las Vegas. The future of many, is hanging by a thread, and we need a rescue plan, not the roll of a dice.


Re: Joe the Plumber: Another Example of McCain’s Gambling Problem?
12/3/2008 1:11:03 PM
Well said, i think McCain gambled to much as well.
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