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9/13/2008 4:31:23 AM




  Man is God’s   most  precious  creation  whom  he reaches  out  with love  but  his  jeweled creation  ignores ,  and  cannot   fathom the extent  of  his  love  for  his  precious  ones .  Why  God  loves  humans more  than  anything ?  Why  he yearns  for  man’s  attention ? The  answers  to  these  questions  lies  in  the  fact  that  humans  are  intellectual  personalities   capable  of  thinking  and  reasoning , which  no  other  creation  of  his  enjoys  this  exclusive  power .

We   humans  can  think  as  God  and  that  is  what seperates  us  from  all of his  other  creations .  All  his  creations  whether living  or  dead has  not  such  developed  intelectual  capablities ,  although  animals can  think  but  it  is  limited  to an  extent .  Man  can  think!  so,  how  that  quality  alone  makes  man  a  superior  to  all  the others .  When ones  thinking  faculties  are  developed then that individual  can  distinguish  from  right  and  wrong  and  he  could  be  judged  based on what  he does . 

The intellectual capabilities of man is due  to  the  precious spirit that God has Invested in man which animal is not endowed with . God has made man in his Own image , this is very true for we humans as we think and act as God does . And God is also a spirit as humans are that is what makes man a precious  and  Jeweled beings of God .

Now , man was created as special and holy but due to  Sin , humans lost that exclusive right as unholiness does not run parallal with God .  Man is born in sin and will be in sin as long as life goes on and this will obviously  Delete the special status as long as life goes on . but God created man not to loose Him and his exclusive rights but to have him with his rights intact as long as life Goes o . How?

As long as life has been and as long as life will be, God has provided man a way to Obtain that special status. This is where man’s intellectual capablites comes into Play to regain that status and man has to find for his life that hallmark which God Has provided for man. This is very essential as man is spirit and all accepts that Spirit beings are indestructible and they are destined either for heaven or hell . Though the physical body is destructible but the spirit has the same existence as  One is in the body or not, The spirit of a man exists in hell or heaven, as he was in the body, for eternity Depending upon the choice he makes by his intellect .

so, no man can escape this Reality of an eternity which God the Boss has provided for man. It is man’s choices And deeds that labels him an entity for heaven or hell throughout eternity. Evil Men enjoy much than good in this world, that explains why this life does not end With a short span of life on this earth. As God has created man with capability  of distinguishing from right and wrong then he has the right to judge man on the basis of the work he does . God will judge the man according to the deed good  or bad that he did while he lived on the face of this earth .                                                                          





Heaven  and  hell is as real as the life of humans on the face of this earth . you may deny it ignore it but God has kept a day of judgement for all humans either for peace or for suffering , eternal . This is baffling because how would God allow something he created for eternal suffering . you can understand this on the fact that we were created in place of worshiping angels who denied God as the boss and where thrown out from heaven .This fallen angels were not put to death but banished and they are governing the world  through the human minds . The intellectual mind should therefore separate the working of God’s spirit or of the working of these fallen angels through human minds.


You may say that god is running the world but the fact is God runs and governs those life who seeks him and other  lives  are governed by these  fallen angels , that’s the reason there are many signs and wonders in the face of the earth which always is not from God . God had created this fallen angels , they were not some ordinary beings  but beings bestowed with beauty, worshipping qualities and you can imagine the extent of qualities if God woud have created them for his worship . They would have been the best in their job but they fell from heaven because of denieying  God  the due  worship. 


Now these fallen angels are ruling the world as you can see the root of evil in the society, murder , rape , religious animosity , hate , envy etc .Even a fool can say who rules when such evil are predominantly prevalent in the society and let us refer to them as evil spirits .  These evil spirits are real crafty , they try to rule the heart and minds of people and they invest great powers on them that seek these wicked spirits .  Thus you can see lot of miracles happen without God’s intervention . Now people who operate with the evil spirits or under spiritual influence do not know they are working with evil spirits as these spirits obviously donot  not reveal themselves to their reciepient , and therefore every miracle may not be signatured by God but it is otherwise and your intellectual mind has to distinguish it .


The wicked spirits have one aim to deviate man’s mind to any worship other than God’s worship and this he will do by hook or crook . Wicked spirits make themselves freely available to man either by seeking them any way other than what God has prescribed or from a guru to his shish . Actually , he is interested in the destruction of man as he is doomed for hell . Man is precious and the evil spirits would want for man the future he is destined for , hell .That which is ugly , unholy , unrighteous you can find at all places and there these evil spirits dwell i.e commonly found .


The opposite of the evil spirits  is the holy spirits , these work for the enlargement  of God’s kingdom on the face of earth and operate within the framework of God’s rules. These holy spirits help & strenghten those who seek God and try to govern lives which surrender to these holy spirits . With so much evil in the face of the earth a helper has to be there to stand for man to build and soothe him i.e what the holy spirit does . He is very gentle and does not force himself on any humans . Holy spirit help man to come nearer to god and walk a life that is in accordance with God . His presence make us complete in God and reveals more about God . Holy spirit is the pathway to heaven , we cannot know God without his spirit . so, without Holy spirit we cannot have salvation and we cannot have the correct revelation of God.


Holy spirit is the key to what god wants us to be ,  he is a person who reqests your permission to meddle in your life in whatever circumstances you are in .He will make us perfect vessel’s of God , correcting us , directing us , whispering in our ears , strenghthening us and being the best friend one wants him to be . No friend is truer than holy spirit in the face of the earth and take my word for it when god provides a friend he would be the best.


As I said man is a spirit and therefore a spirit can impinge on man’s spirit and can influence his life tremendously . If God had created a spirit for man’s well being , how immense a good -  Holyspirit can do , you can imagine also how much damage  an  evil spirit can do if he is bent on destroying the man kind , his replica . Holy spirit the power of god in the face of the earth has much to do with moulding lives and transfering them into god’s kind of vessels .  Evil spirits are random and act on all people without Man’s wish , by governing their mind , body and spirit – mind, motivate it to think and do wrong – body, give deaseas and pain – spirit  , take it anyhow far away from god and making the spirit as evil spirits doomed for hell . Holy spirit can correct all the wrong done by evils . He always directs the mind to do good and what is pleasing to god , he can heal any deaseas known to man even aids and  he is the key to heaven .


God has created the heaven and the earth  , sea , mountains , animals , plants , humans etc and all was planned and with a purpose . Nothing you see on the face of this earth is for just like that , all was designed by the expert designer , God . He has set rules  for all the things he has made espescially for humans being his precious beings . How to worship him and please him as he has choosen us for his worship . He has given rules to man in  this purposeful  world for achieving salvation and coming nearer to him , the creater . One cannot overlook these rules to achieve salvation . Man can make means and methods and try to reach god through religion but really religion has created so vast a diffrences among men that nothing can smash the ugly religious barrier .



God did not create any religion , infact man has created religion to reach God . Any effort made by man to reach God would be a failure because God is not reachable  unless man is free from sin . when God wants man  to worship him he would want a holy man and that rule can only be provided by God .  How to keep your holiness intact always and reach God ? These is where intellectual mind comes  to play to find out that way provided by God for mankind . If God wanted man to worship him and reach out for him than he decides rule and methods for it and no man can snatch from God his prerogative .

Man created religion and it seems as if man has snatched from God his right to decide for man his way of worship . Lastly God has created man to live in unity and in love but we know that in the history of mankind, religion is the one main factor that has aroused such hatreds , envy  and war that nothing else can come nearer to it.


God has created this earth , its his business , his bread and butter , as economy is the main interest of any business , so man is God’s main interest .  The competitors of God’s business are the evil spirits , the fallen angels , snatching man from God to hell , as evil spirits are doomed for hell . The intellectual man should distinguish the right from wrong and decide what is of God and what is of evil , God shows from time to time his power in the face of the earth . God has great problem solving capablities and he can heal any deseas by the power of his holy spririt and one thing more of God is his uniformity . God would not manifest himself in one way in Australia and in another way in Uganda . God reveals himself to mankind in many forms search for it , look for God’s presence . You may believe something for life about God but think of its crediblity and its universal acceptance . God is not a God of a race or of any particular sect he responds  to all who calls according to his rules and will . Any rule that is only true to your sect , religion or group and is not universally accepted is a farce . You may drink something thinking it to be holy but if it is poison it would surely kill you Search on  tv , internet , paper and any other media , God obviously uses these to reveal himself .




Time is running out , God’s day is not very far ,  it is too near than anybody can imagine , choose your destiny either heaven , eternal peace or hell , eternal damnation where the evil spirits are already destined for . Only you can change your destiny search and choose God’s way of life then you will be saved .  Life on heaven and hell exists ,  it is very  real as the life on the face of this earth , the only difference is the body , but the intellect and the spirit remains the same . With so much stockpiles of nuclear and other WMD weapons , which can destroy the world number of times over , this reality makes the delluge more real . Wars , earthquakes , typhoons etc are God’s way to show mankind that life will not go on for ever and ever , shape your future before God call’s it a day .



God loves mankind more than anything in this face of the earth  so he wants all men to come under his umbrella of protection . God’s day will come like a thief , heavens will disappear with a roar and elements  will be destroyed by fire , earth and everything in it will be laid bare , this is God’s word and it will not pass away without being fulfilled . This extract is written from Bible’s point of view .  So , if you liked this article suggest your friends to read this and do reply to me at

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