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Weightloss Aid - Works In Under One Minute !!
9/2/2008 8:23:59 PM
Watch the amazing video demo of this product! It speaks for itself! You can also click on the various links on the page to learn more about our products. When you finish, please contact me and let me know your thoughts. Doesn’t this just make PERFECT sense? Finally! A PILL that expands 500 to 1000 times in your stomach which makes you feel FULL! This is a highly effective and Safe way to lose weight. Break-through method promoted by NBC's TV Star'Biggest Loser" Her story here: O3 FORM FORM is designed to put you in control of your portions, helping you make decisive eating habits, not compulsive ones. When combined with water, it expands 500 to 1000 times its original size in your stomach, partially filling the stomach before meals, sending a signal to your brain that you are less hungry, thus reducing the urge to overeat. FORM is a patent-pending polymer-based gastric bulking agent containing SWELL. They are essentially micro-beads, that swell up to 1000 times its weight. They are much like the jelly -like substance in puddings and ice cream used as a thickening agent. FORM is safe, non-toxic, non-leaching and completely neutral in your system. Weight management should be simple without harmful side effects. You are in control! For more info on how you can get your product or take advantage of the business opportunity, contact me: Brett Gillies Entrepreneur & Success Coach
Need to lose a few pounds? Watch this one minute video.

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