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2008 New Technology Launched!
8/31/2008 2:54:13 AM


New web 2.0., or social network launch on July 1st, 2008 is releasing a terrific new technology called Buzzbot. To learn about this amazing concept in detail, take a look at this new landing that will be out on the 1st of September. (you cannot sign-up free there)

The site above are real details, but only a sample for us to use later. Here is the present site and where to sign-up

You're about to learn how a new internet technology break-through will make all other lead generation, list building and prospect management tools obsolete.

Yes, that is saying a lot. But I can prove it.

The Web2Upgrade BuzzBot Technology adds Social Networking Functions to EVERY website on the Internet Instantly...ALL of them at the Same time!

Listen, EVERY website limit you to 'their' website - but not the BuzzBot. It takes Social Networking to the Next Level!

The Buzzbot brings the huge trend of Social Networking to EVERY website on the internet with a click of the BuzzBot...and we mean EVERY website!

We are, literally, Upgrading the ENTIRE Internet at a Click of a Button!

You have Nothing to Lose, get the free Buzzbot Today!

Please got to






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