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Entrepreneur's Dream
8/25/2008 10:07:16 AM
Entrepreneur's Dream
Network Marketing is sometimes referred to as direct selling or multi-level marketing. It is a rapidly expanding channel of distribution for the marketing of products and services directly to consumers. The corporate model involves replacing the large sums of money spent on advertising with paid distributors who provide word-of-mouth advertising.
Network marketing is a dream come true for some entrepreneurs. It offers one of the lowest business start-up costs available. You can work part-time or full-time. You can take advantage of professional freedom, and write off business expenses on your taxes. You can choose the people with whom you would like to work. Finally, the earning potential is impressive. What else can an entrepreneur ask for?
The Right Place at The Right Time
Success is not always about who is smarter or has the best product or the most convenient payment plan. It's about timing in the market space. You can't create another Microsoft today. Bill Gates was in the right place at the right time and was fortunate enough to take advantage of it. You can't go to Texas and become an oil billionaire today. If you were in Texas in the 1960s you could have. You'd be lucky to start another McDonalds Corporation today. This same concept of right place and right time goes for companies in direct selling.
How did all of these companies and people become so successful? Amway spearheaded the direct selling concept. Microsoft was created at the start of a simmering industry getting ready to explode. McDonalds was the first to tap into the franchise market.
All of these examples point to the fact that these extremely successful people and companies, whether or not they were smarter than other business people, were in the right place at the right time and they took immediate advantage of the business opportunity that was presented to them.
DirectMatches is in the right place at the right time!
Here is why!
In the early 90s people had barely heard of the Internet. By the mid 90s the Internet had already become a phenomenon! In 2001 online social networking become main stream.
DirectMatches is the first business and social networking service where you get paid to meet people. DirectMatches has positioned itself at the boiling point of an exploding young industry-online social networking.
About MRM and How It Works For You
The MRM system strategically improves upon the common theories in network marketing and enables people with varying levels of experience to build a serious business through the prime-4-compensation plan, training, software and rapid response customer support provided by the company.

The MRM system reduces the need to be a professional sales person, aids duplication though technology and increases participation. The system motivates and helps free up your time and the valuable time of your team. Your primary task is to refer as many people to the site to sign up for free and teach this simple task to your team. Then let the MRM system work with you.

The company’s corporate philosophy is specifically designed to be simple, easy, fun and profitable. We apply this theory in creating our short and simple business materials, training, and compensation plan.

The company’s compensation plan is an industry first. Income is derived from business customers, non-business customers and upgraded businesses builders. Four sources of income in one plan with earning potential from $6,000.00 to $12,000.00 per week.

Blessings, Judy 
Blessings, Judy and Lynn Utley

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