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8/16/2008 8:03:35 PM

This is the latest that I received in my ASD e-mail address From Catherine Parker:

Below you'll find two "takes," of Thursday night's call. The first is from one of our fellow down line members. I have left his opinions in, because I think they make sense, and they are valid.

I know the call was recorded but we have been locked out of the web room, so I cannot access it. Let me try and share with you, the main points as I recall them. At my age I don't recall a lot, but I will do the best that I can.

1. This was, without a doubt, the best call ever.

2. Andy explained the reason why Don Peterson was unable to find out anything regarding his past accusations of security fraud.

the files were locked and not made public...good enough for me. He also fully explained the events and I do believe that his attorneys are to blame more than him. I don't really see anything dishonest here.

3. Andy explained that the lakeside home he purchased from ASD PROFITS is being used as a place for members to hold meetings, have a little recreation like picnics and etc. For the life of me, I see nothing wrong with this. Even if he purchased for his own use...don't we think he is entitled to the profits from his business....this is ridiculous.

4. On the issue regarding legal representation, Andy says that the members are being represented. He has another law firm in Tallahassee to address issues that are directed to him personally.

5. Andy has said that he does not want any other legal activities directed toward the DOJ until he has had a chance to let ASD attorneys prepare an answer to the suit. Makes sense to me.

6. Andy has said that after the resolution with the DOJ, then he would do everything he could to support the membership with a class action lawsuit, directed at the DOJ, if they chose to do so. He felt that members were entitled to damages. As we know, class action law suits can take years and seldom yield anything significant to the individual.

7. Andy was very upbeat and positive regarding the outcome...we will prevail...and we will have the largest rally this company has ever had once all the suits are settled. We are all with him!

8. He expressed his sincere appreciation with all the wonderful letters and testimonials that he received.

9. I got the feeling that his attorneys are almost ready to seek justice for the members...

10. Next call will be Tuesday, 19 August. Andy says he hopes to have a lot more information for us.

Like I said before let Andy's attorneys do their job and then if the members want to file an class action against the DOJ then they are entitled. I really believe that any additional legal action at this time, against the DOJ would not be helpful and could possibly do damage to our case (and it is our case). I am not an attorney but I do have a great deal of business experience and have at least a pretty good understanding how bad things can go when you get too anxious. Just be patient....we shall overcome!

Here is the second, "take": the new web site for ASD breaking news is:

Andy expressed hi care and concern for the members. He said all the calls and letters have "really stimulated he and Faye" and they appreciate them "from the bottom of their hearts". Part of this care showed in him issuing the global credits because they felt responsible for the delays due to the system upgrade. He had designed this program to be a win-win for the members and for ASD.

Re: the money seized. The 29.1 million was an accumulation of cash balances over time not what was paid out that day. The 23.9 surplus: some have asked but what about new rebates that would have to be paid out over time? Say 2 million was brought in the next day is new sales. 1 million would be paid in rebates and that would bring the rebates up to 30.1 million.

The attorney firm in Miami is a former US attorney and they and the 500 lawyers in that firm represent the members too. Andy has hired a Tallahassee lawyer, also an ex US attorney to represent himself if need be.

Gag order: this is the request of the ASD attorney not the US governments order

The attorneys don't want him to go the Tulsa. He has to do what they say or they may not keep the case.

He said some are saying they cannot access the data base. they can. but the attorney wants all emails run by him for approval first. that is why they are not sending out emails.

Before it was ASD it was a company DBA "doing business as" ASD. in Sept. '06 it was incorporated in Nevada. The paper work had been sent to the Bank of America and they finally made the name changes.

The class action suit by the members is a good idea and members should due for damages even if the complaint gets lifted. ASD lawyers need to file their papers first.

A home was purchased by ASD. It is for staff, visitors and management meetings. He and Faye have another home.

Re: Don Peterson the compliance guy. Why couldn't Don find anything on Andy's past? 16 years ago he was president of a company that was developing push to talk phones and they were running neck and neck with Nextel in the development. Nextel got lots of money from Motorola. Andy hired an SEC attorney to file for them to work in Georgia and Alabama. They sold stock in Alabama. It is so easy to make mistakes in SEC rules. Andy was paying a 10% commission for selling stock which was against the rules. the SEC removed their SEC registration and then they got charged with selling w/o a registration.

After the pretrial diversion the court records were sealed so it was the case that only law enforcement could ever uncover that.

He affirmed his strong belief that we will win the case and looked forward to hopefully being able to say more next


Here's the summary of Andy's call last night:

Beverly Kersey

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