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Turn Vacation into Donation
8/12/2008 10:42:06 AM



Thank you for taking the time to review YTB Travel Network’s Passport to Giving

Program. I am sure you will find it an innovative way to provide a dynamic and ongoing source of new funding for (organization name).

Our Travel Program is unique to the non-profit industry in that it provides your organization with a private label travel website branded with your organization’s name and logo. The website is similar to Expedia® and has all the selections and features of other online booking websites.


Your new travel website provides an alternate source for your supporters to book their business and personal travel… travel they are most likely already booking online. In fact, current statistics show that 70% of all personal travel is booked online.


It would be a simple shift for your supporters to book their travel at (organization name) ‘s travel website. They would receive competitive travel rates or better, and they would be helping a cause in which they believe. According to a recent Cone/Roper study, “86% of all Americans would likely switch brands to support a cause when price and quality are equal.”


Most importantly, each time your supporters book travel, (organization name) would

receive 60% of all the travel commissions. This would produce a source of fresh money for your organization. And, there is absolutely no additional charge to your supporters for using the service.

It is also important to note:

The program is not a long-term agreement. You are not committed for

any predetermined length of time.


Contact Bob & Shirley Rushing.

 Funding Specialist

800-757-5450 or 229-768-2231

Faxes 229-768-2837


Click here for a 3 minute video  to learn more.


Thanks, Bob

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