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Rejection-proof sponsoring in 5 minutes or less!
8/5/2008 6:02:35 PM

We Offer You a Lot More Than Just High Quality Leads!

With WTPowers you'll have access to just about any type of lead you're looking for to put your home-based business into HIGH GEAR. But leads are just part of the equation. For maximum effectiveness and efficiency and the long-term success of your business you must have an automated system to help you follow-up with and manage your leads.

We have the leads and the system to ensure your success!

The Best Part Is... you'll find the right leads for YOU
at a price to fit your budget & business building needs.

What Type of Leads are You Looking for? 
Real-Time leads
Opt-in Email Leads
Phone Verified Leads
List-Building Leads
Triple Opt-in leads
Guaranteed Leads
Local Area Code Leads
Leads that are Shared
International Leads

Exclusive Leads

Women Only Leads

Super Fresh Leads
Company-Specific Leads
Low Cost Leads

Don't see what your looking for? 

No Problem! If we don't have what you want listed here,
just ask us and we'll do our best to get them for you!
Our Lead Generation and Marketing System incorporates Web3.0 social bookmarking Software .
Description: Automated lead generating system that, prospects, interviews, sifts, sorts, and trains leads for you and whole lot more Try our software FREE
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So what does a "A Whole Lot More Than Just Leads" mean for you?

If you're like thousands of home-based business entrepreneurs, you're always looking for ways to improve your results when working your leads. Here are some of the questions and concerns we hear from our Members every day:
What is the most efficient way I can work my leads?
I'm new to all of this and don't know how to work my leads!
What's the best way to follow-up while my leads are fresh?
What should I say when I contact my leads?
How can I keep track of my leads and all of my appointments?
How can I manage my leads with a very limited time schedule?
Can you help me automate my prospecting process from start to finish?

Relax! We Can Help You as We Have Thousands of Others!
  We've been in your shoes and we understand exactly what your needs are! After years of research and testing, we have developed a PROVEN high-tech, low-touch Internet-Based Marketing system that:  
Doesn't require you to create or develop anything to use it!
Doesn't require any experience in Internet marketing!
Frees up your time with complete automation!
Follows-up right away for you automatically!
Prospects, presents, sifts & sorts your leads for you!
Eliminates fear with rejection-proof sponsoring!
Includes a Virtual Contact/Lead Manager
Provides a complete Tracking System. Stop wasting money on bad Ads!
Includes proven scripts - tested on 10's of thousands of prospects!
Provides powerful training. Including Live, Audio and Written Lessons!
Generates unlimited Real-Time EXCLUSIVE leads, 24/7!
Takes 5 minutes or less to set up!
Comes with a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee!

Includes a very lucrative Affiliate Program!

Offers Members-only special pricing on our quality leads!
Offers Leads Autoship Plans - The best in set-it-and-forget-it technology!
Costs less that a cup of coffee a day!
And Way too Much More to List it all Here!!!

So you see, we're not just offering you fresh, high quality responsive leads that are refreshing to work with; we also provide you an amazingly advanced, yet simple-to-use, iMarketing System enabling you to leverage your efforts, achieving maximum results in a minimum amount of time!

Check out this feedback from a very happy Member:

"This system is the absolute BEST tool I've every used in my 6 years of
Internet/network marketing. With this system, I'm able to qualify more prospects in less time than ever before and connect with the folks that are serious about working from home! I don’t with bother with time-wasting "tire-kickers" any more. (THANK GOD!)

"I'm using your GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE Leads. These are the only leads I'm using. I'm having fun again and my business is growing! I wouldn't dream of doing business in network marketing without this system.

5 stars *****!!!!!!"

~Bill Faulkner
Santa Barbara, California

Whether you want solely a marketing system, or
both leads and the system, the CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS!

To your success! Duncan GoMillennium Media inc. Webmaster, Trainer and Business Promoter Vancouver Canada Auckland New Zealand
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Re: Rejection-proof sponsoring in 5 minutes or less!
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