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Help Is On The Way
7/31/2008 8:00:15 PM

Hello Amazing People,

Let's do our part and help someone and give a blessing to someone else .By doing your part, we will be creating a postive flow of energy, health, and wealth so please help me help others, you, and myself.

Let's make this Pay It Forward blessing the biggest anyone has ever seen. If you help enough people they will throw tons of help your way. If you build it they will come.


Tabitha Variance

Re: Help Is On The Way
8/2/2008 7:41:47 PM

Hey Everyone,

Just updating you on the news. I have just started a Live and Interactive advice and Bible Study call to help people who just want to talk or just feel the need to shout praises and worship God.

The Advice call is held every Monday at 7:00 pm EST. On this call we will discuss personal, business, or social issues and how to overcome them. Join this call even if you just want to listen in or to get advice or ask a question.

The Bible Study call is all about God. Here I do a live prayer request along with Bible study. We are all studying and reviewing the same lessons. I must practice what I preach. Join this call to show your worship to the Lord and to get others involved.

Well that's it for now. God has been guiding and directing me to do great things so watch out for the next update.

Wishing You Success,

Tabitha Variance


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