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Web 2.0 Covers
7/16/2008 9:42:34 PM

Web 2.0 Covers


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Has anybody been seeing all of the new 'Dark Knight' trailers that are showing up on TV right now? The movie looks pretty awesome and I'm kind of excited to see how Heath Ledger's Joker is going to be more incredibly insane then Jack Nickolson's. One of the parts from the trailer that I love is when Alfred asks Bruce...

"Will you be taking the Batpod, then, sir?"

and Bruce replies "In the middle of the day, Alfred? That's not very subtle, is it?"

And Alfred smirks "Then Lamborgini, then? Much more subtle!"

It always makes me laugh, especially since Bruce Wayne is always looking for ways to cover up the fact that he's Batman.

I'm looking over Today's Deal... Web 2.0 Covers right now and it made me think of it. However Web 2.0 Covers will not hide the fact that you want to be Batman, I'm sorry, they just won't!

What they will do however is help you to create stunning Covers from 8 different templates.

Now is your chance to begin creating amazing looking Covers but have all of the tedious work taken out of designing and actually creating the covers, all you need is a program that will open .PSD files. You know where to find em!

Here, check this out:

*Each template has a flat and straight front cover, so you can just type your text into the template without tilting and distorting the text in any way. Very easy to use!

*Each template also has some 3D elements to give it a great 3D look. These elements are already part of the template so there's no extra work for you.

*Each template comes pre-installed with 55 different 'special effects' that will spice up your cover. All you have to do is either check or un-check which effects you want.

*Each template also comes pre-installed with 20 different 'shapes' like half circles, bars, rectangles, etc. Feel free to break up your cover into sections and begin adding more eye candy.

*Each template is highly customizable and each part of the template comes on it's own layer that you can customize in pretty much anyway you want. Mix and match, distort, change colors. The choice is yours!

*This package also comes with 90 Web 2.0 layer styles. So you can easily colorize and add some gradient effects to any element on the cover with just a few clicks.

Now is your chance to begin creating unlimited covers in just a matter of minutes.

As always this product is backed by DealDotCom's 30 day money back guarantee. Simply try it out for 30 day's and if you aren't completely satisfied, receive a full refund.

Ken Wolff

The Soaring Eagle Team

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