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The martyrdom of the Bab, 9th of July,1850
7/9/2008 11:33:49 AM
    Hello to  all readers.
Today I am not working, I have a holy day. We commemorate the Bab who was shot by a firing squad in Tabriz 1850. On page 9 here at my forum you can read about the process leading to Him being murdered by the Iranian religious leaders.
It was close to a Christian being responsible  for executing Him, but through a miracle the Bab was spared, for a while. An Iranian firingsquad had to persue this shameful act.
In the Shiah prophetic traditions it is said about the Promised One. (Quotations from Bahaullah and the New Era by J.E.Esslemont)

"In Him shall be the perfection of Moses, the preciousness of Jesus, and the patience of Job; his saints shall be abased in his time, and their heads shall be exchanged as presents, ....; they shall be slain and burned, and shall be afraid, fearful and dismayed; the earth shall be dyed with their blood, and lamentation shall prevail aming their women; these are my saints indeed."
--New History of the Bab, translated by Prof. E.G.Browne.
Bab did indeed arouse the whole Persian people ,even the emperor Muhammad Shah asked to meet Him. This was hindered by His Prime minister who was afraid of loosing his ministerial post at the court, if these two were to meet.
So the Bab came  openly "for all to see" and words about the Bab could be heared everywhere, until He was cast into prison and then, openly, He was to be shot in the old barrack square of Tabriz, in order that His Faith would be obliterated from the face of the earth.
His Faith had been spread "with alarming rapidity" and " people of all classes, rich and poor, learned and ignorant, were eagerly responding to His teachings,". Therefore "attempts at suppression became more and more ruthless and determined. Houses were pillaged and destroyed. Women were seized and carried off. ...great numbers of the believers were put to death. Many were beheaded, hanged, blown from the mouths of cannon, burnt or chopped to pieces. Despite all attempts of repression, however, the movement progressed. Nay, through this very oppression the assurance of the believers increased, for thereby many of the prophecies concerning the coming of the (Promised One)) were literally fulfilled." as I have shown above.

Recently I have published a prayer by Bahaullah in which we read ..."and the resurrection came to pass".
Again I will come to this theme, which is so important.
"An important part of the Bab's teaching is His explanation of the terms Resurrection, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell. By the resurrection is meant, He said, the appearance of a new Manifestation of the Sun of Truth.. The raising of the dead means the spiritual awakening of those who are asleep in the graves of ignorance, heedlessness and lust. The Day of Judgement is the Day of the new Manifestation, by acceptance or rejection of Whose Revelation the sheep are separated from the goats, for the sheep know the voice of the Good Shepherd and follow Him.
Paradise is the joy of knowing and loving God, as revealed through His Manifestation, thereby attaining to the utmost perfection of which one is capable, and, after death, obtaining entrance to the Kingdom of God and the life everlasting.
Hell is simply deprivation of that knowledge of God with consequent failure to attain divine perfection, and loss of the Eternal Favor.
He definitely declared that these terms have no real meaning apart from this; and that the prevalent ideas regarding the resurrection of the material body, a material heaven and hell, and the like, are mere figments of the imagination."
He taught that man hath a life after death, and that in the afterlife progress towards perfection is limitless."

So, they have many things in common, the Christians and the Muslims, and they have to come to an understanding of these concepts, a spiritual one.
Jesus says (in my translation) "that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit".
Why should the human spirit only seek the "flesh". Mens destination is higher than that. The cows are greater philosophers than men if we are to seek the bodily awakening, cause they know nothing about the spirit.
I hope that you readers will take a breath of ease at hearing these explanations. That it will satisfy your intellect and at the same time let your spirits soar, endlessly into the realms of God.. That you can let loose the grip of the popular ideas of a bodily awakening, the denial of which made the mullas and ayatollah so angry.In my imagination I think it must be very strenous to uphold such a  concept. It alienates you from many people, for one thing. Moreover it makes people of today withdraw from religion and give it up altogether.It does not serve Gods Faith in the least. This is my opinion.
As Iended my previous letter: It doesn't matter what religion you have, "what matters is that one is ready to meet the Holy Spirit  revealed in the age in which you are living."

As for me, I was utterly ignorant and unaware of the importance of knowing and loving the Creator. It was indeeda very farfetched sort of thing.. It doesn't suffice to say even "As if fetched from another universe".Faith, and its warm divine confirmations into the heart is something utterly inconceivable without the  intermediary the Messenger of God.The Messenger of God is the Mediator and we are the recipients. It took me  about a year to come to a deeper and definite understanding or illumination, one could say, but I was eager to know and was always studying these Bahai scriptures. Otherwise I do not know why I was to become a Bahai.God knows.
Now I rever all the former Resurrectors and I am always and continually fashinated to see the workings of God.
It makes me think independently. For me the whole world is crammed with the "signs" of God, just like letters and stories. Just take a little match. It needs friction to be lighted. So without Resistence, no Light.
This is the universal truth.

Why is nobody opposing me?
Do you all agree? Any questions?
Greetings from Laila
"Earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens" "The source of arts and crafts is the power of reflection" Bahá'u'lláh.1817-1892 Founder of the Bahái'Faith
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Re: The martyrdom of the Bab, 9th of July,1850
7/9/2008 4:05:49 PM

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