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Press Release: MyCCMPro Launch to Help Network Marketers with their Prospecting Efforts
7/9/2008 11:29:07 AM
San Diego, California based company that offers credit reporting for the mortgage and real estate industry, Credit Report Atlas Services LLC, today announced the launch of its integrated CRM solution, My Contact and Client Management Program which is also known as MyCCM Pro, as a hosted solution. With MyCCM Pro, sales companies get a complete CRM system, support, training, security, backup and more at no out of pocket cost to users. In today’s economy, sales teams need to be operating at peak efficiency, acquiring new contacts and increasing sales to existing clients. To achieve this, sales teams need the right tools to succeed. With MyCCM Pro, your sales, service and marketing will be unified in one portal. With Sales Force Automation, Marketing, Customer Service, and Client Management, MyCCM Pro is the ideal solution for homebased-business owners and small to mid-size companies. MyCCM Pro application makes sure MyCCM Pro subscribers have a simple, sophisticated mechanism to engage with their uploaded contacts and clients online. MyCCM Pro Architect, Carlo Desierto, said he was extremely happy to launch MyCCM Pro for sales professionals in a variety of industries. “The sales business environment has some unique attributes and MyCCM Pro is specifically designed to address them. MyCCM Pro helps companies identify, acquire and retain their most active clients. The fact that MyCCM Pro is available online makes it very useful for sales and field service personnel access their lead database anywhere there is internet available. The biggest advantage for the company is that all contact and client related information is now available in one single repository anytime, anywhere and on any computer”, he added. MyCCM Pro provides an easy-to-use, flexible and integrated CRM solution that empowers homebased-businesses and small to mid-size companies to make informed decisions, increasing sales successes and providing exceptional customer service. Being available as a completely hosted model, it removes the typical hassles, delays and costs associated with traditional software deployments. With no activation fee, no subscription fee and no contracts, MyCCM Pro subscribers get everything they need – a CRM solution, back up, security, training, the latest releases and support. There are no capital expenses, support costs or hardware/software maintenance charges. In short, peace-of-mind is what MyCCM Pro brings to subscribers. With its free accessibility, MyCCM Pro is perfect for homebased-business apprentices and start-up companies looking to test the CRM waters. It’s so simple to use that the new registered subscribers found it very quick and intuitive to use on their first hour in the system. Carlo Desierto also added, "We are very aware of the number of On-Demand CRM softwares and systems available online just like the MyCCM Pro application. Please know that our intention isn't to domineer the CRM industry but to simply help as many sales professionals as we possibly can with their prospecting and marketing efforts. And with gas prices sky rocketing, the least we could do for the economy is to help these sales professionals minimize their monthly expenses, enhance the productivity and efficiency of their business, and enjoy the convenience of working from their homes.”
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Re: Press Release: MyCCMPro Launch to Help Network Marketers with their Prospecting Efforts
7/9/2008 4:03:35 PM
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