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Its always great to be a member here!
6/22/2008 11:15:14 PM
Hi Everyone,

This is my great deal for you all:

You start earning now totally free in a matter of minutes. Make few dollars per day each day just to have the profile. You will earn for:

- clicks you make (100%)
- clicks your referrals make (5% from each level down to 10th level)
- impressions you make (you have in your profile 3 sponsors and get paid 3 times for 1 impression)
- impressions your referrals make (you have in your profile 3 sponsors and get paid 3 times for 1 impression down to 10th level)
- referrals (for each active referral $1.00 recurring each month)

Best part is you can setup how much per day you want to earn and even better you can first test it for free with given $15.00 and make $22.50 out of it.

You can see how others are doing here:

While working for your earnings you can qualify with your work for unit worth $1,200.00 which can generate over $30,000.00 revenue or even for unit worth over $40,000.00 which can generate 5 – 6 digit number of revenue. Start earning this moment. Company allows you to advertise 3rd party sponsors and let you earn they even introduce you some of the sponsors. You can start with a single click.

Sign up here and contact me after that for more info through intern messaging system

Pls dont forget to send me message in the internal messaging system (my id number is 59566) so i can send you basic steps and guidance on how to start your business.

Lilian Linogao

Ken Wolff

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Re: Its always great to be a member here!
6/23/2008 2:38:41 AM
Wow!  Just at a glance , I think I saw several people from my friends list on the earnings list.  Ken
Ken Wolff

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