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Ana Maria Padurean

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Commenting Photos - Cool and Great
5/23/2008 4:14:22 PM
Hello my dear friends :-)

I know its weekend and every one is preparing to have some fun and relax!
Usually I'm here to "help" you doing this with a joke or pictures or cute and interesting things in order to give you a smile. I very much hope my post will have at least one of the features above mentioned; at least I'm doing my best to find anything like this in the following rows.

People like to visit My Photos; that's cool and great. Isn't it?
They often leave comments; that's cool and great. Isn't it?
Some are short and some are long; that's cool and great. Isn't it?
The shorter one I understand; that's cool and great. Isn't it? :-)
The longer ... I don't really ... hm ... is that cool and great?!

Let take for instance my last received comments for this pic:

Magnolias last Easter

it got 5 comments from which I'll post only the first; the others if you're interested I'll leave there for a little while in case you're interested in reading them?!

Here it is the first: (sorry for being so long, but seams the beauty of the magnolias catalyzed the writer's imagination and gave ink to its pen?! )

serialasaa said:

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2:01 PM on May 23, 2008 [Remove this Comment]

Well, all these being said, what should I reply?! I'm out of imagination?! To see some one so inspired by a flower?!... That's beyond me!

This reminds me an old joke since I were a kid, working on my math exercises: after a looog exercise with many + and - and * and divides, the result is 0, the kid asks his father: Dad, why is this much work needed all for nothing?!

In the end, I would love to ask you: is it only me who doesn't understand this, or there are more of you?

Have a wonderful weekend, COOL and GREAT! ;-)

With lots of friendship,

Re: Commenting Photos - Cool and Great
5/23/2008 4:31:34 PM
Hi Ana,

I love the photo. It is so professioanl done.  Look at the light, the shade, the hue of colours. It is so vivid as if I am just standing under the tree.

I can smell the sweet scent, hmmm, the breeze caressing my face. I am flying, flying

Thanks for the picture.
Thanks for the Forum. Nice to see you again Philip Low c.m.o. My Cabby Career
Re: Commenting Photos - Cool and Great
5/23/2008 5:12:16 PM
Hi Anamaria,

Beautiful pic! Same thing happened to me recently. One of my photos received pages and pages of spam comments, many of them linking to pornography. I didn't visit them of course, LOL, the wording of the links gave it away. I reported them to admin and then spent the time deleting them - page after page! The same thing happened to Gunther.

Have a great weekend!
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Nick Sym

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Re: Commenting Photos - Cool and Great
5/24/2008 12:50:40 PM
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Re: Commenting Photos - Cool and Great
5/25/2008 1:51:02 PM

That's an excellent pic of a magnolia, Anamaria - I can almost smell it from here!

As for the comment, it just makes you want to shake your head, doesn't it?  The thing looks scary to me - I wouldn't even dare to click anything!

Yeah, for sure that comment is 'cool and great' :-/

Have a happy weekend!


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