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The mysterious summons of 1844
5/23/2008 9:05:54 AM
       Hi everybody
As I said I will tell you what happened on the eve of 22nd of May 1844. Yes WHAT DID ACTUALLY HAPPEN WHEN THE GOSPEL HAD BEEN PREACHED ALL OVER THE GLOBE REACHING THE MOST REMOTE TERRITORIES AND PEOPLES. Remember the words of Jesus in Mark 13:10 AND VERSE 22. So remember that the one who actually appeared DOES NOT call Himself Messias. He calls Himself the Gate, the Bab. Spiritually He is the second return of Elijah.
He prepared the peoples for the  near Coming of "Him whom God will Make Manifest" and He,  in turn called Himself "The Glory of God"

IT IS THE SPIRIT WE ARE TO SEEK , the spirit of Jesus which is the Holy Spirit AND OPEN OUR HEARTS FOR. Our minds cannot solely grasp the spirit.
We simply have to look at Persia, during the 1840ies where Gods Light was to shine  again for the first time after  1260 years. after Muhammed and 1844 years after Christ in the Person of the Bab.
Unlike Jesus who sought out His diciples, the Bab was Himself sought out by His diciples!!!
Babs first diciple Mulla Husayn , a young student, had been seeking the Promised One for some time, having travelled to many places. His eager prayers to God for divine guidance, his meditating and fasting for forty days finally led him to the city of Shiraz in southern Persia, as if by a magnet..
At the city gates a Young Man smilingly approached him,   greeting him warmly and then offered him to come to his home for some rest, and to refresh himself
after his long journey.
Mulla Husayn was most surprised at the behavior of this Person but thought that this might be one of  other the pupils 1.)  whom had been sent out to receive him. He willingly followed this Young Man to His home.
Mulla Husayn tells:
"I was deeply stirred by the gentle, yet compelling manner in which that young Man spoke to me. His gait, the charm of His voice, the dignity of His bearing, all seemed to enhance my first impression.
Soon we were standing at the gate of a modest house."
"'Enter therein in peace secure'" were His words as he crossed the threshold and motioned me to follow Him. His invitation, uttered with power and majesty, penetrated my soul. I thought it a good sign to be addressed in such words, standing as I did on the threshold of the first house I was to enter in Shiraz. Might not my visit to this house, I thought to myself, enable me to draw nearer to the Object of my quest?
"A feeling of unutterable joy invaded my being. During the hour for prayer, I unburdened my heart:'O my God! I have striven with all my soul, and until now have failed to find Thy Promised Messenger. I testify that Thy word faileth not, and that Thy promise is sure!'
"It was about one hour after sunset when my youthful Host began to converse with me.'Whom, after (your teacher ) Siyyid Kazim, do you regard as your leader?'
"I answered Him: 'At the hour of his death, Siyyid Kazim exhorted each of us (pupils) to forsake our homes, to scatter far and wide in quest of the promised Beloved. I have journeyd to Persia (from Iraq) and am still engaged in my quest."

"'Has your teacher given you any detailed indications as to the distinguishing features of the Promised One?"
"I enumerated all the things that Siyyid Kazim had told us to look for in that Beloved One of God.'"

"My Host paused for some time, then with a vibrant voice He startled me with the words:'Behold! All these signs are manifest in Me!" 
"He then carefully considered each of the above signs and all were indeed applicable to His person.
I was greatly surprised and deeply moved. Politely I observed:
'He whose advent we await  is a Man of unsurpassed holiness, and the Cause He is to reveal is a Cause of tremendous power.'
No sooner had those words dropped from my lips than I found myself seized with fear and remorse, such as I could neither conceal nor explain. I bitterly reproved myself, and resolved to alter my attitude and to soften my tone."
(During this meeting the Bab said that it is not for men to test God, but rather He Who is to test us.) But...
Mulla Husayn had decided to test the Promised One long ago,.in at least two ways .One of them was for Him to  be able to unravel the mysteries of certain passages he could not comprehend in his treatise + to write a commentary to the (Qouran)Chapter about Joseph, a commentary that was to stand out as unique, and divine,such as had never ever been produced.
Mulla Husayn recalls the suspense of that moment in these words:
"While I was thinking about these things, my distinguished Host again remarked: 'Observe attentively. Might not the Person intended by Siyyid Kazim be none other than I?'
"I thereupon felt impelled to offer him my own treatise.'Will you read this book of mine,' Iasked Him, 'and look at its pages with indulgent eyes?'
"He opened the book, glanced briefly at certain passages, closed it, and began to speak to me. Within a few minutes, He had with vigour and charm, unravelled all its mysteries and resolved all the problems that had troubled me. He further, informed me of certain truths which could not be found in any of the writings of Siyyid Kazim.....These teachings, which I had never heard before, seemed to me endowed with a refreshing vividness and power.
"'By the righteousness of God!' He exclaimed, 'It behooves in this day, the peoples and nations of the both the East and the West to hasten to this threshold. It behooves them to arise, as earnestly and as spontaneously as you have arisen, and to seek with determinatrion and constancy their promised Beloved.'
"Then He looked at me, smiled and said:'Now is the time to reveal the commentary on the Súrih(Chapter) of Joseph.'"

"It all happened just as Siyyid Kazim had foretold it to Mulla Husayn. "The Beloved in that hour, he had promised, "will reveal the commentary on the story of Joseph, unasked!"
The Bab took up His pen and with uncredible rapidity revealed the entire first chapter of His commentary on the chapter of Joseph. In this book, He prophesied His own martydom. The overpowering effect of the manner in which He wrote was heightened by the gentle intonation of His voice which accompanied His writing. Not for one moment did He interrupt the flow of the verses which streamed from His pen. Not once did He pause until it was finished.
"I sat enraptured by the magic of His voice and the sweeping force of His revelation, "Mulla Husayn writes:"At last I reluctantly arose from my seat and begged leave to depart. He smilingly bade me to be seated, and said: "If you leave in such a state, whoever sees you will assuredly say: "This poor youth has lost his mind."'"
At that moment the clock registered two hours and eleven minutes after sunset. It was on the eve of May 22 1844.2)
"This night, " the Bab told Mulla Husayn, "this very hour will, in days to come, be celebrated as one of the greatest and most significant of all festivals."
Mulla Husayn continues:
"I sat spellbound by His utterance, All the delights (of Paradise) I seemed to be experiencing that night. Methinks I was in a place of which it could be truly said;"Therein no toil can reach us,...but only the cry, Peace! Peace!' "Sleep had departed from Mulla Husayn as he listened to the music of His Beloved's voice.

"'O thou who are the first to believe in Me. Verily , I am the Bab, the Gate of God.'"

"I was blinded by the dazzling splendour of this new revelation," Mulla Husayn says, "and overwhelmed by its crushing force. Predominant among all my emotions was a sense of gladness and strength which seemed to have transfigured me. How feeble and impotent, how dejected and timid, I had felt previously! Then I could neither write nor walk, so tremolous were my hands and feet. Now the knowledge of His Revelation had galvanized my being. I felt possessed of such courage and power that were the world and all its peoples and its rulers, to arise against me, I would alone and undaunted withstand their onslaouhght. The universe seemed but a handful of dust in my grasp. I seemed to be the voice of Gabriel personified, calling to all mankind;'AWAKE FOR LO! THE MORNING LIGHT HATH BROKEN. ARISE, FOR HIS CAUSE IS MADE MANIFEST. THE PORTAL OF HIS GRACE IS OPEN WIDE; ENTER THEREIN, O PEOPLES OF THE WORLD! FOR HE WHO IS YOUR PROMISED ONE HATH COME!'
"In such a state I left His house and joined my brother and nephew, The words of the Bab were ringing their melody of joy in my heart:'Render thanks unto God for having graciously assisted you to attain your heart's desire.'"

1) The pupils of Siyyid Kazim, a distinguished schoolar and mystic, who had taught about the near coming of the Promised One of God, giving certain signs as too His traits and unique character and and then sent them out to seek after Him everywhere.
Quotations are  from "Release the Sun", William Sears
The qouran,The Bible, the Dawnbreaker, by Nabil (history of the Bab  and His Followers, the Babis)

I hope you will  one day be  well assured of the Truth of the Bab and also Bahaullah of Whom the Bab was the Holy Herald.
My commentary is therefore, again:
 All those people who cling to Jesu's old name and think He in person, a Palestinian, will come with  a visible drama on the clouds will forever be dissappointed. Finally they might loose their faith entirely. Because this is purely and simply superstition. I hope you will ponder upon this.
No,The Divine Event has that other character of coming as a Thief in The Night that Jesus also has mentioned.
Now, please, return to the top and meditate on what I have told you. I am not one of those who speak falsely. God is my witness.

Bye for now.

"Earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens" "The source of arts and crafts is the power of reflection" Bahá'u'lláh.1817-1892 Founder of the Bahái'Faith
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Re: The mysterious summons of 1844
5/23/2008 3:22:55 PM

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