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Looking for Responsive Leads?
5/21/2008 11:35:04 PM
The Veretekk people in my organization are organized, communicate well, build team cohesiveness and take to marketing on the Internet with exceptional results in all aspects of Internet marketing.
The non Veretekk people that have joined my organization are awkward, hard to communicate with, want to do three ways, struggle with team effort and require tremendous effort to train to work the Internet the proper way.
It is as different as night and day.
The SEO power of the Veretekk tools is unbelievable. We are taking more and more Google territory everyday. People are finding our campaign on Google and filling out our Veremail forms in record numbers. Top leaders in other opportunities are calling us and joining without resistance. MLM companies are contacting us enquiring about Veretekk and are starting to send their distributors to sign up into Veretekk to find out what Veretekk is all about.
The lead generation capabilities of Veretekk building the sphere of influence works just as I intended it to work. Every time I press the button in the Bully Pulpit we get more traffic, more Veremail forms filled out and more distributors into our MLM.
To your success! Duncan GoMillennium Media inc. Webmaster, Trainer and Business Promoter Vancouver Canada Auckland New Zealand
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Re: Looking for Responsive Leads?
5/22/2008 2:38:27 AM
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