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salvation is a necessity not optional which all religion teaches
5/16/2008 7:19:16 AM

Salvation is a must, no human born of a woman can escape the harsh fact of eternity and which unfortunately all religion teaches because salvation can never be from a religion as salvation is for mankind and not the only right of particular region of people belonging to particular sect, it is obviously for all humans. Religion has surely not brought salvation but it has created vast differences between diverse parties, which no other factor has singly produced.

Salvation is more important than anything in this world, your education, your wealth, your home, your children etc because God is going to set a new world where the salvation obtained people with him will rule it for eternity and those who have not got salvation will be in hell with devils through eternity. A new  world order of God will have all that you have been searching in this world and all would like to have that but the hell society will be in torment throughout. This is the truth not some weird ancient story but from the word of God, Bible, you can believe it as it has been true in everything it predicted previously, including the complete healing of any deaseas in the name of Jesus, which Jesus has begun 2000 yrs back.

Religion has always put up a set of rules to attain salvation, if that is true than no man could have moksha as man cannot keep the promises through out, he might do the set of rules right for a day or two but then rules would be broken in the course of lifetime. Religion is a sincere effort by humans in the ancient times to reach God with whatever intellectual knowledge they had, without considering God’s opinion about salvation. There is no doubt that all religion is from man to reach God , and if all religion is true then he is different for different people, this would show him to be biased because certain religious set of rules are quite harsh which common man cannot do.

Salvation should be a top priority for humans because it involves where you spend eternity and that is quite real as God did not spare his precious angels when they rebelled. Bible vaguely hints God threw the angels from heaven and in place of them he has created we humans who are called to worship and praise God. These angels where made very powerful and when God banished them they left heaven and now they are the evil spirits that show counterfeit miracles in the world today and deviate man’s mind from the Creator to the created things. I strongly believe that all the religions of this world have a sure influence from the angels who rebelled God.

Actually every power in this world is not from God and also God does not rule the world but he does rules the lives of people who call him in spirit and truth. This sounds strange but actually it is the truth because God has given man the million dollar intellect which no other creation is bestowed and he expects man not to be like animals but to know God and his ways by his intellect. God is not bothered about people who do not care about him and goes their own way and calls him their own way.

Evil has too much hold in this world to deviate man’s mind from the actual creator. The other day I saw a magician breaking a glowing bulb and magically bringing the broken bulb back with a glow in front of my eyes and I also saw a man on TV being deliberately run over by heavy road roller without a scratch coming to him in front of lot of spectators. Any fool can understand these are not actual tricks but these are actual miracles by some invisible powers, who are the powers? obviously not God because God will never promote himself through street magic but the powers from the fallen angels. The evil has unimaginable power no human can fathom unless you are dealing with it, now some religious person can tap this power and enhance his religious credibility because one can do unthinkable things with the evil power, please do think about this.

Salvation cannot be earned as no amount of money In this world can buy salvation for a soul because earth and what is in it is the handiwork of God. Moksha cannot be had by any amount of good works as the humans are prone to some or the other mistake and one or more sin is same in the eyes of God. No other means can man make to attain moksha because salvation is not earned or worked but it is a free gift from God and it should be, as moksha is a set up of God and not a set up from man.

Bible says that salvation is only in the name of Jesus as he has died on the cross as a sacrificial animal for all humans. He was God’s son who came into the world to bring healing, deliverance, peace, joy to mankind. I would’nt have believed it untill miracles happening in the name of Jesus that too with my own eyes and not some weird word of mouth. Man should be dead i.e no relation with God unless God prepares a path to him and that path was created by Jesus by shedding his blood for cleansing the sins of the people of this earth.

Man has a special spirit that is invested on him which separates him from the animal, and that makes God go to this length to send his son to be a sacrifice. If it is not true that Jesus is from God than his name would have been only in the history books. I have seen miracles that are quiet unbelievable such as 3yrs lame women walking , head pain of 10yrs vanish, cancer vanish, Aids vanish and any desease you name, all I have seen people relieved of In the name of Jesus. Truly Jesus started it with miracles setting himself to be the son of God, and now also any where in the world that name brings healing, deliverance, free of oppression from evil spirits etc by his name alone and these miracles not only happens to Christian alone but to hindus, muslims, budhists, shintos and to all religious people. Now that is one unique thing happening throughout this world because if miracles happen at one place due to any tom, dick and harry it does not happen everywhere due to that same tom, dick or harry. This really establishes the fact that Jesus is alone God over all the earth and he alone brings salvation to mankind as he alone has been sacrificed for human kind.

Now the time is in your hands when you can change your destiny but when God takes over, your destiny will be sealed forever as the fallen angels, who were warned before the banishment. Now they cannot do anything to change there destiny as they are evil spirits and they no more have any likeness or companionship with God the creator. Such is the destiny of people or rephrase it correctly spiritual humans who have not found salvation  in their lifetime, who donot value the sacrifice Jesus the son of God has made on the cross.

A bottomless pit i.e abyss or hell awaits these fallen angels who knows their destiny for sure because locking horns with God will end into a unforgivable blunder and the hell is created not for humans but for these fallen angels. Those humans who donot find salvation or have notime for God in their lifetime is heading for the same unforgivable blunder that once the fallen angels made and only you can stop it before the sealing of your fate happens. Donot be fooled that this world will not end, it will end sooner or later,  the stockpiles of nuclear weapons will be used and once it is used it can destroy the world number of times over and everything created by humans will be destroyed into ashes.

So donot worry of the things of this world as it will not last but the spirit of the humans will last whether the whole nuclear weapons is used or the world is destroyed completely. Your spirit will last for eternity whether you like it or not, and you have to make your spirit last for heaven and not for hell, the choice is yours.  Make your choice right i.e choose wisely and live for eternity in heaven and not in hell. Hell is very real because if God sets a new world with  love, peace, joy, happiness etc  forever than the wicked spirits has to be completely restrained by God’s power. Hell is a place or a situation where evil is bound completely and he no more has a free reign over the lives of the people anymore. This place is also for the human spirits who have not found the mercy of God and his compassion.

Technology has brought tremendous comforts to human lives and God’s kingdom is spreading through internet, tv, radio, paper, other advertisement etc. Man should see the miracles that has happened to millions in the name of Jesus. Previously it was just a event here and there, now you can see throughout the world with so many preachers such as Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts and many others through them God has wrought many miracles. Many preachers also come in the local network and miracles happen in the name of Jesus.

So, my friends take your stand now and choose heaven instead of hell, choose life in place of death, choose salvation to avoid hell and last but not the least choose Jesus in place of any other gimmick or religion. One thing more choosing Jesus will not only have your future sealed but also you have a enjoyable life on the face of this earth. The master with you will always be a experience of a lifetime and then this life would be worth living.



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Laila Falck

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Re: salvation is a necessity not optional which all religion teaches
5/16/2008 10:27:59 AM
    Hello friend from India

How nice to receive your good thoughts, thank you very much for your long and sincere letter. I believe you are a warm. hearted Christian and a diligent teacher about Jesus' message of peace and divine knowledge. And you know something about salvation. I hope that my letter will gladden you, I believe it will.
There are many things I agree with, we share  the same reverance for Christ and we both believe in the necessity of salvation and illumination through the Faith in God. Not to know God is really the greatest loss, as it is too loose the opportunity to enjoy eternal life, real spiritual life all through eternity.  I think about this daily and regard the physical death as a door to eternal happiness . See the good Words by Bahaullah:

                                 O SON OF THE SUPREME!
I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendour
                                 O SON OF SPIRIT!
With the joyful tidings of light I hail thee: rejoice! To the court of holiness I summon thee; abide therein that thou mayest live in peace for evermore.

That other kind of eternal life is  real death ,so to say, what could be worse than spiritual death?  We both wish people to be illimuned through Mokha (=salvation, am I right?). But they have to choose this freely. If they are seekers for the Truth they will find it and accept it. For God will guide them.

May I make some comments.?
As a Bahai, belonging to a religious Faith called Bahai, founded by Bahaullah I firmly believe in all the Divine Messengers of the past, and since I come from a Christian country my love goes to Jesus Christ especially. I realized His Divine origine and love to meditate upon Him every time I visit a church.and otherwise. Another  Bahai-friend of mine has dreamt wonderful dreams about Jesus Christ.  She said He showed that He had much humor!
  I am however not a member of the Swedish Church. I do not believe in the priests interpretations . Priests  have mislead people all through history. And I can read the Bible myself. The Message  of Jesus from God and "the Church" is in my heart. His words are" my Church."
How come? you may well ask. As a Bahai, why should I rever Christ or any other Prophet of old, Well Consider this saying by Christ turning to the Pharisees: "Had you believed in Moses, you would have believed in Me!!!!"
Do you recognise this?.
These Words by Christ shows a priniciple: that ,when you are truly illumined by the Bahai Light or as in the case above by the Christs Light, you inevitably believe in the former Messengers from God. The Light of the Holy Spirit has thus been transferred through Krishna in India, I know the  wonderful Bhahagavad Gheeta too, and that those Words are from the Lord God too through His divine Messenger for India and the eastern countries.
To a great extent the Christians follow Moses: they have spread the Ten Commandments all over the world. Ponder upon this. It has not harmed the Christians in the least although the ten Commandments originates from Moses.
So therefore it doesn't harm me to believe in Christ being a believer in Bahaullah. There is only Light upon Light.
See: WWW:BAHAI:ORG for information about one of the main teachings: for exemple UNITY OF THE DIVINE MESSENGERS.
This is truly Gods pedagogics. Don't you think Venoy? This means I always defend Christ when I meet opponents to His divine station.
Compare with this: Do you reject the first teacher at school even if you happen to be a pupil of the last class. No you don't. So, my friend, who so eagerly wish to save my life. I DO believe in Jesus and His Sonship too. Be glad though it might seem quite new to you. So this is  the fundament for peace in the world.: The Unity of the worlds Divine Messengers. The only ones who disagree are the their followers.For no reason or because the social prescriptions differ. But the Messengers predict each others coming, and refer to each other. Remember? Moses said: there will appear among your brethren one whom you should listen to".
Previously in my forum::.
I have written especially about my visit to church, in southern Sweden, where I realized the majesty and Divinity of Christ. I got many a tear in my eyes and exclaimed a great Ahaa. I was moved to the depths of my soul.YES INDEED! I had been an atheist but Bahaullah opened my spiritual eyes, so that I could meet Jesys too..        I understood all of a sudden the contents of the psalms so I began to sing them, and while alone in the church I read in the Bible .. And I sat there  for hours, being transported to such spiritual heights that I cannot describe. That was all of divine Love. My intellect understood the great significance of Christian pious and charital works. I seemed to get a glimpse of historic spiritual wealth due to the good works done by the worlds Christians. Their prayers seemed to be still reverberating between the ancient pillars of that thousand year old big church. All became so alive.
I got all this because I bellieved in Bahaullah His name means The Glory of God. And we believe He is the Son COME IN THE GLORY OF HIS FATHER.
As I said I have written about my meeting with Christ. It is in a previous article I think I called My path to God or something like that I will give you the exact name of my article later, if you wish.
Dear Venoy, concerning miracles, what I am talking about is the real miracle: to come to know God,or perhaps one should say, to feel the presence of God. To realise eternity! That is what is meant by resurrection!. While still on earth.Isn't that Mokha or salvation?. I felt such a gladness , and I felt a strong kind of Recognition. As if I had known this before. I think my soul must have known before I had known. It is said that we come from God so...
 I believe that I HAVE EXPERIENCED the much cherished and predicted RESURRECTION. That Bahaullah has come on RESURRECTION DAY, much as a thief as Jesus promised.  He came to a country which was the most degraded in the whole world, according to Western diplomats: Iran in the middle of the 19th century, when the Christian world thought He, Jesus would come on a cloud. Goodness gracious!.You should know about the enormous missionary work that took place in the 1830th-40th to spread the Gospel to all countries of the world, because that would be the sign of Jesus' Return in the Glory of His Father. That Return is the Return of the Holy Spirit in a New Messenger. Not Jesus physical body. Of course, OK?

With this new power of divine love I fear no devils or evil spirits. When they sometimes, rarely actually, try to disturb me, like in dreams, I just say the NEW name of My Lord God and they vanish. Sometimes I just wake up.
These are miracles too, for me. Not outer ones, like lames suddenly walking, deaf ones hearing again. Even Jesus told the diciples not to tell about His physical miracles, remember?..

I have tried to tell you that I already believe very firmly in Jesus Christ, that I know what salvation is.It is free  as you say too and God's own choice. I have told you about my view of miracles, of Jesus' own view upon them.
I will quote you now: Evil has too much hold in this world to deviate ,man's mind from the actual Creator.
My comment is: we have a free will and with that will we either look down  to the material world or we look heavenwards. We have to blame ourselves for not looking up, I think. Why blame it on somebody else? We cannot avoid our own responsibility to look upwards as long as we have a free will.
This is the divine counsel:
" Breathe not the sins of others as long as thou art thyself a sinner. Shouldst thou trangress this command, accursed  wouldst thou be."
So we must try to behave ourselves and  not look upon others sins,nor ponder upon the evil spiritts be they dead or alive, or spirits of an unknown hellish world.. We are solely responsible of our own actions. This is true for me. Fear can never touch the heart that is filled with the love of God.
The sick we must heal, the hungry we must fed, the ignorant we must give education. The seekers must receive the Word of God. Not all are seekers, but God guides them too.That is our whole concern. Isn't that  good?

 Now, Jesus's sacrificing Himself for the redemption of mankind. Yes, we Bahais believe this, and that the great civilisation built upon His released divine forces changed the world for the better. This we all agree upon.
Then, you may ask, if one knows this, why turn to Bahaullah and become a Bahai: I'll tell you this then. Jesus would be with us until the end of the world. This "world", means the outer world order, the way the community of peoples are organised,  not some kind of end of His spiritual influence.: not the end of His spiritual wealth The eternal Light is ...eternal. Yes OK.
But now , the return of the Holy Spirit in another Spiritual World Teacher from God has appeared  and His Light is still brighter . Brighter than Jesus? you may ask,  no, but WE  humans can perceive more of this Light, we humans have developed a lot during the  last2000 years, haven't we?                                                                                                                AND there will be organized a Global Community with the help of  an international administration:." Bahaullahs World Order", because there is no longer the giving to God what God wants and the  giving to the Ceasar what he wants.  There will be ONE DIVINE WORLD SYSTEM, because the end of the worlds system based on sovereign states has come.                        
And after all, the Gospel tells at 250 places that Jesus will return in the Glory of His Father...the main Message of the Gospel,!!!! .... and His spiritual wealth will ensure world peace and justice for all the peoples of this world.. Bahaullah is that ONE World Redeemer. You have to find out who He is yourself, for there must be spiritual Faith. We are all invited to study His Writings, which we feel  and know are endowed with heavenly Power. When you have immersed "yourself into the Ocean of His Revelation," then you can have this  precious Faith , God willing..     
The Prophetic age is ended, now the Age of Fullfillment has been inaugurated. We have all since Bahai started in 1844 been on our way into the Age of the Maturing of mankind, the age of eternal Peace has started. We are on its Threshold .To begin with, with great upheavals on all levels of society. There will be even more upheavals.

I could go on but it will perhaps burden you if I write too much. about things that you have not touched  upon at all.

I am sorry I wrote such a long letter,  I do not want to burden you. I apologiose in advance for my long letter.   I sincerely do appreciate the communication with you and am very happy for your writing.  Even long letters.You are among the people who have reacted with more than one word. Thank you very much.
Please write again, my friend from India.

Go on  carrying the  Message of Love of Jesus the Christ.

Many kind regards from
Laila in Sweden
on top of the world.

"Earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens" "The source of arts and crafts is the power of reflection" Bahá'u'lláh.1817-1892 Founder of the Bahái'Faith

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