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Re: Being Removed From Forums
5/15/2008 7:10:10 PM


Wouldn't lose any sleep over it..they are probably doing you a favor by removing you from their forum...

In fact, there are a few of us that are planning on NOT spending much time here at Adland in the future as it has become one big flea market for "money games" promoting overpriced software and digital information, online systems from some guru sitting on a beach that no one has ever heard of, goofy internet deals with matrix plans that don't last, illegal cash gifting programs, new programs that make the wildest claims, etc...

My experience has been that most of the people here are not serious entrepreneurs, and that they have a money game and lottery ticket mentality when it comes to programs...

I am both amazed and dumbfounded as to what programs people will join and promote and their complete ignorance or total lack of knowledge when it comes to being able to determine what is a legitimate program and what is nothing more than a money game disguised as a legitimate program...


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