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Persons remove theirselves from forums after ...
5/15/2008 3:31:00 PM
I must say I had an interesting read on todays email notices. As I get notices from AdlandPro a few were with the subject:

Kenneth R Sword Jr: Someone just left your forum!

Hello Kenneth R,

At 5/15/2008 11:01:20 AM XXXX X XXXX removed herself/himself from
the members list of your discussion forum 'Network Marketing Advise -
which is available at the following location:

To view XXXX X XXXX's profile click link below:

To view your profile use the following link:



AdlandPro(World) 's Classifieds

I received 3 of them like this and so I thought I would see their profiles and see what they offer.

Sure enough, thy offer programs that fall into what I was posting about. So, they think because they turn a blind eye to such information will make it all right. Wrong! Ignorance is no excuse and any judicial system won't care 'if you didn't know'. They will prosecute guilty either way.

So do your homework, clean up your house of business and become a better business person.

You'll be doing yourself, the internet and any future clients a BIG favor.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

P.S. Not all opt out for this reason. But my observation leads me to this opinion with those to what they promote. Profile details left out so to not accuse wrongly anyone.

Mary Mortimer

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Re: Persons remove theirselves from forums after ...
5/15/2008 8:55:33 PM
Wait Ken, you think that is something. They will also turn their backs on you and even try to cause you trouble. I know, I have been there for the same reasons. People that are making a little money with some of the programs that they are in don't want to hear anything negative about them. They feel threatened by what your doing, not forewarned, or educated. It's a shame.
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Re: Persons remove theirselves from forums after ...
5/15/2008 10:33:07 PM
You're right Mary. They do feel threatened because they didn't do due diligence before joining such crap. They chased the money and soon it will bite them where the sun doesn't shine.

Thanks for posting.


Geketa Holman

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Re: Persons remove theirselves from forums after ...
5/16/2008 9:55:36 AM
Hey Ken,

Some folks .. even here in Adland just can't HANDLE THE TRUTH .. When their little psycho games  falls apart at least you can say .. I TOLD YOU SO ! I say good riddens to bad rubbish !

When someone leaves my forums I just figure I have hit a sore spot lol



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Rinna Rani

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Re: Persons remove theirselves from forums after ...
5/16/2008 11:15:57 AM

Hi Kenneth,
Thanks for sharing this.  I guess its alright if some people want to opt out.  Anyways, they have the option when they decide they want too.

But, keep up your good work as if people enjoy what you do, they will appreciate it.  If not, they have their own decision to make and what they decide and I still respect them for that.

Thanks and great job this far dear friend!

Take care with love,


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