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So. What are you selling???
5/5/2008 12:46:44 PM
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What are you selling???

Have you noticed that most of you that are here are marketing basically the same thing? Each person is trying to recruit more sellers to sell to sellers to sell to sellers to sell to seller to ...

It's called building a downline so you can earn from another's work. This is what many, but not all, marketers programs are designed to do. A lot of people read this as their easy ticket to riches.

These programs come in many styles. Matrix, Forced Matrix, Cyclers, Gifting, Randomizers, etc ... Some companies go out of their way to even make claims of selling shares to make them look more prestigious.

Why do most of these programs not work? Most that sign up don't like to 'shove the program' down peoples throats so they drop out. Then you lose part of your downline and revenue. Pyramids, Ponzis and Matrix programs are designed in a way that does what I just mentioned. They all make heavy claims to what you can make and not what you are selling. "Don't worry about our ebooks and potions. We have them. Just let them know how much they are going to earn."

And when that doesn't work you are still at the bottom of the list not making anything yet. And then you are moving on to something else.

There is a cycle that you can see with the people here at AdlandPro. They'll promote the newest, greatest thing since sliced bread for a few months and then they are on to something else. They have gained a following and have made some money from here. But what happened to their product/service? It doesn't deliver as stated. Period. This is not the marketer's fault. It's the people that signed up believing such big claims. Most of these scams, yes, I called them scams, are designed and written on the fundamental statement of P.T. Barnum "There is a sucker born every minute". Give you hype and hope you are a sucker. If you believe for one minute you can make money for nothing you are dead wrong.

Most people join a program because ... listen very carefully here ... THEY ARE CHASING AFTER THE MONEY! If you are one of those coming to the internet trying to solve a financial crisis you are chasing after the money. That is your focus. Period.

Those that have succeeded on the internet, without scamming, have either done the research to see what are the needs of internet users or are people that was sharing common interests with others and found they could make money from the interest others had in that topic/product. Another reason is a brick and mortar business answering to the needs of it's shoppers wanting to order online.

One way to really find a business for yourself that would be both believable and easy to sell is something that you enjoy everyday. An interest that you share with others in discussion. If a retailer sells what you have an interest in you may find them with an affiliate program that will pay you for your reffering efforts of product sales.

Let's say you collect bottle caps and you know of at least 20 other people that do as well. You can become a bottle cap broker. Be the middle person where buy*sell*trade happens. Find a hobby retailer that carries special frames to house the bottle caps and get into their affiliate program OR find a woodworker that can make to your specs and then you sell it as your own product.

Who was really great at this and ended up opening storefronts were the baseball card collectors. They saw they could become the middleman in trade and invested profits to buy new product to meet market demand. Card collecting still goes on today and many kids and adults are their buyers.

Bottom line, you'll see many programs that will make claims for what you will earn. They are marketing to people chasing the money and hoping you are one of them. If you stop chasing the money and start doing what you love the money will come to you when you see the opportunity and act on it.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Kathy Hamilton

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Re: So. What are you selling???
5/5/2008 12:58:26 PM

Hello Kenneth,

Excellent Post. Very well stated and well put,


Kathy Hamilton

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Thomas Richmond

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Re: So. What are you selling???
5/5/2008 1:08:17 PM
Thanks buddy, yeah i see it, im sure Bogdan sees it as well, im no exeption i do it too, i have an seo and several marketing programs, traffic sites, and so forth but i do get paid hansomely with 2 of those, my Seo and the WIN network both are free to join, one i give a free trial. Keep it real Kenny! :)
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Re: So. What are you selling???
5/5/2008 1:43:55 PM
Hello Ken You just nailed it, AWESOME ! I had posted awhile back to that issue. People NEED to GET REAL ! Thanks Chris
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Re: So. What are you selling???
5/5/2008 1:47:37 PM
Hi Ken,
Bingo .. you hit it again. I have about three closets packed with t-shirts I no longer wear (meaning mlm's  etc.. programs) I have joined in the past..I think the one thing most don't realise is just how much they are spending each year joining one after another  that they will not make any money with.

Guess what .. I finally got it .. and now I am working hard to educate others .. just as you are in this forum the truth about MLM's , lotions , potions and hype..

I also have my own products that only I sell no hype just products ,the blogtalk radio is mostly for educating others.

Thanks again !



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