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Helping your friends (aka customers) succeed.
4/16/2008 7:09:52 AM

Please feel free to make your own thread on this forum.

Be helpful to others that are less knowledgable than you about Internet Marketing and/or selling their service or product by making your own helpful thread here.

You can promote any LEGITIMATE and FREE (at least to look at and THOROUGHLY check out) business you may be involved in along with an explanation of why you think it will be helpful in succeeding in one's business interests.

Keep it simple.  Some of us are not very "technical" and many good business' aren't as viable for someone that doesn't have the "tech skills" you may have.  Be helpful, your friends (aka clients) are your biggest asset in any business.

Thanks and enjoy this forum.

Gunther G. - GENGRO Accounting and Business Consulting Services GENerating GROwth for Business and Individuals since 1991
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Re: Helping your friends (aka customers) succeed.
4/16/2008 5:00:55 PM

Hello Gunther,

Thank you for inviting me here. Unfortunately the only free things I
have are Yuwie and RotarixFriends - also social networking portals.

Have yourself a Milagro day,


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