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Cynthia Slick
Have you always struggled with weight loss? This product is one of the best I have ever seen for healthy weight loss. No dieting needed. No struggling with different carbohydrates low fat fads. You do not have to keep track of anything just eat like normal. If you are the type that hates to exercise this will work for you. To read the rest of the story along with before and after pictures go to
7/28/2011 1:39:21 PM
Cynthia Slick
Deep inside we all harbor the hope that we are eating right. More often than not, that's easier said than done. The demands of work and family drain our time and our patience. We live fast and eat worse. And try to compensate by taking handfuls of vitamins and other over the counter supplements. Which are extremely costly. Is synthetic really what you should be doing? Although most health professional would rather you take synthetic vitamins than none at all is it the right way to go? ...
11/19/2010 12:52:22 AM
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