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About Me
Hello Everyone, I am a single disabled, stay at home parent, who has been working from home and earning money online for almost two years now. I think this is a wonderful place to meet nice people online, and share ideas about marketing, working from home, etc. It's going to be so much fun. I know it seems like I have been on Adland forever, but that's only partly true. I signed up forever ago. lol. I just recently got back, after never having learned the site. So, now I am back here, and a bit more familiar with how this works. It's almost like I am a newbie. Anyway,there is really not much else to tell, wouldn't require a book. lol. Wait a minute! In fact, I do have a book that you can go to, in the mean time. Don't worry it's free. I think that you will enjoy it. Please feel free to add me, and share anything that you have. I am a free spirit kind of internet marketer. I hope you are having a peacful and prosperous day. Here is the free ebook. You may have to cut copy and paste it into your browser
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