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Sandy Green
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About Me

I wanna be a rich heiress...LOL!!! But, alas, I wasn't born to royalty and none of the current "Princes" will return my e-mails or phone calls. So, after being released by "Central Intelligence", I decided to get up, brush the dirt off my knees...and find me a good game plan.


Have you all heard of my motto...."A successful person is one who just gets up one more times than they fell down!" Well I am the Queen of "Face Meets The Puddle"! I am the "Arnoldswartzenfinanciallychallenged, (Whew) person of all time.


I mean, let me tell you briefly. In 2006, I blew a van motor on Jan. house burned down on Jan. 14th....I broke off an engagement on Jan. 18th, (ya really get to know a guy when yer living outta a motel room with your darling 8 year old, LOL LOL), my ex-husband stopped paying suppport on Feb. 23rd, I relocated (ie moved) twice in 102 degree temps, and my workplace cut everyone down to part time hours!!!!


I do have an upside....dry your eyes. In January of 2007, I found my sense of humor....I thought it was lost forever. I had looked everywhere! The lil dickens was cowering under my bed hiding in the dustbunnies....who knew!


In Feb. I found my was in the filing cabinet under, "lost causes". I resurrected it to the praying and hopeful file.


In March I retrieved my was being held hostage by "Central Intelligence"....they were quite polite about returning it...what do they mean by, "We'll Be Back!"


Now it's April! I've had a few lil successes. #1...waving goodbye to my ex, raising just my middle three fingers in the air....he doesn't know it means, "read between the lines...LOL" ! Awww...let me have some fun!


Soooo....about me. Well, I try and assure people I am ordinary and average...I hear a lot of cyber giggles out there...but really I am. That's why I invite anyone who's interested to visit my forum called "Sandy's Beach House"...! There you will find an updated site of my life's saga...but also of my life's kids. I'm still a newie to this whole Adlanders thing, but I use my calendar religiously and remind myself to update...upgrade...or just get up....LOL!


Anyway...anyone who ever just wants to chat or share or, please tell me your miseries....mine loves company....fell free to also email me at Whew....this was great therapy....join me at Sandy's Beach House anytime.


Hugs and smiles to all, Sandy Green  





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Neil Sperling - (5/3/2007 6:28:27 PM) : Sandy

Thanks for inviting me to your Beach House Forum.... wonderful Idea - I wish you success and fun with it.
Your charm and easy going character is inviting. I love your warped sense of humor and the nice messages you give. Geeze you even want to cook some Celery bread for this crazy monkey. When you offered that to me I could see you read the profiles of your friends and get to know them. You will do well - Keep up the GREAT work! Thanks for being you.... a 10 all the way around.

Joe Downing - (2/11/2007 7:57:30 PM) : Hi Sandy,
Thank you for that sweet message accepting our friendship. Messages like yours can change someone's life just like a passing smile on the street. Everyone's life will surely change for the better when they meet you. Hey, we might even find a bunch of loonies, eh? :)
Your friend,
Sandy Green - (2/11/2007 7:57:30 PM) : Hey Joe
Or should I say, "eh, Joe". Thank you for your kind words. Boy this whole introduction to MLM is a lil overwhelming. My poor little girl is so sick of hearing, "just a more minute...okay I lied, give me 30 minutes..." Heee! I'm that nut who's looking for that pot of "loonies" at the end of the rainbow...but I can't find my leprechaun some days. Today, I think maybe his name could be Joe...thanks for your sweet words.
Sincerely the beach(God I wish I were in Mexico, LOL)


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