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Robert Hamblen
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About Me

I'm the stay home dad of two girls and husband to a wonderful woman, Amy.

I have been in network marketing about 6 years now and got started when I joined Excel, and we all know how that went. Even though I had made a little money, it wasn't enough that I ever wanted to join another network marketing company again (this was my 1st 3 years).

So how did I get back involved?

Well, after being in a network marketing business, I learned a few things about the internet and that you could become an affiliate of many companies for free. I thought if anything, we could buy stuff we purchased every month from some of these stores, online and make some of the money back we spent. See we had two babies in diapers at the time and could buy them by the case along with wipes and other things and have them shipped to our door. This got me to look for other things we might could do that with, computer parts (I work on computers as a hobby), household stuff, etc.

Well, I also love to eat beef jerky so I went looking for affilates that sold jerky or companies in my area that would sell by the case and maybe it would be a little cheaper. I found one that I was familar with and had loved to eat but the problem was, they had no affiliate program. I called them to suggest they look into this. They offered to sell to me by the case at wholesale. I had to have a tax ID though and would have to reorder X $$ amount of product to keep my wholesale status. That would mean to make my money back, I would have to resell it so I could maintain my wholesale status and the minimum order was like $200 for the 1st and $100 after that each time. No thanks! I didn't really think I could sell that much of it often enough to afford to do that.

But, I had learned how to create a free shopping cart with PayPal and just for the heck of it I created my own web page that had links to my affiliates and I created a page with that brand jerky with a PayPal cart where I would try and resell the cases for a markup and just order them and have them drop shipped to the customer and see what happens. Well, no orders came so I just gave up on that idea until, someone found me in search and sent me an instant message on yahoo.

He asked if I had heard of Jerky Direct. I said no, what is that? He told me it was a network marketing company that sold jerky. I 1st shrugged it off. I said, network marketing? No thanks! Then he gave me the weblink to his site anyway in case I wanted to look at it later. I said, ok, what the heck.

One day I got bored and just was looking through my favorites and saw those links in there and decided to take a look. Well, after 30 minutes of looking at this site and discovering there really was no risk and I would be eligible to order by the case at wholesale with a monthly $12 purchase of 1/2lb instead of a whole case purchase at a time, I said hey what the heck. $12 gets me an order of jerky each month and then if I want, I can order a case anytime at wholesale and eat it. And it came with this website free where I could send people to and when they buy I earn commission and I didn't have to mail it to them or make deliveries. Cool! Sounds simple enough and there is no pressure to sell a certain amount of stuff, no pressure to buy more than I could afford, no contracts, etc. So I enrolled.

I got my 1st order, opened it, took a bite, it was delicious and we never looked back!

Anyway, needless to say I got back into network marketing again. I am not a an expert recruiter but once in a while we enroll someone and we sell some jerky here and there. It all adds up over time. We made the last two car payment last spring because we did a couple of festivals with the jerky and this summer we were able to finance another car that was only a year old. We are also able to generate some extra money now and then that we didn't have before. And now since Jerky Direct has a lot more products that we love and can't see getting along without, we are going to use our store to buy for the people on our Christmas list.

Maybe we aren't rolling in the dough right now but with the simplicity of the program and the low cost, the great tasting jerky, this companys devotion to its customers/distributors, developement of new and innovative products, their ethics and wonderful support, we have no reason to go into anything else and we see ourselves as customers for life.

So if your interested in learning more about Jerky Direct (a.k.a. J.D. Premium Products) Visit, It is our team co-op link that lands on a different J.D. website of one of our team members, with every click. You become a member of our team and we will put your link in the co-op and we drive traffic to the team link as much as we can. Your site could be the one someone lands on and you could be who they enroll under. While this helps, the amount of money you can make depends on how much you are involved and the activity you do. The more you're involved, the more chances you will have. Also you will get support of the team I am enrolled under that is one of the largest growing in the company, led by Craig Beste that has over 27 years of experience in network marketing. You can visit our team site at 

Checkout my website here at adland for some income examples with building a team.

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Cheryl Maples - (7/20/2010 5:14:28 AM) : Happy Birthday, Robert! Have a great day! Cheryl
Joelees Wholesale - (10/29/2007 2:33:26 PM) : Hi Robert,
Welcome to Adland Family,Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee


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