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Robert Del Nero

Robert Del Nero
BirthdayTuesday, November 06, 1956
Member SinceSunday, October 01, 2006
Last ActivityTuesday, January 30, 2018
LocationNazareth, Pennsylvania, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
I am an Ecopreneur. I help homeowners, businesses, and institutions to obtain Solar Energy Systems at Wholesale pricing to the public. We are showing people that Solar Power is a very effective and affordable way to create the energy they need.
Many still think solar is too expensive but are learning that's simply not true. Actually, the price of energy from the power companies is too expensive!
Lower prices and better selection is the solution to affordable clean energy. We offer a free solar kit proposal and Hundreds of system configurations, components, and related items.
Visit: Http:// and see for your self. More and More people are becoming educated on the concept of solar power and are beginning to install systems due to this fact.Together, we all make a difference!
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Robert Del Nero - (2/23/2013 9:29:55 PM) : I'm back! Started a new company, MyPowerMakerUSA. WHOLESALE to the PUBLIC! Solar PV and Hot Water systems and components. The mission is to help facilitate the conversion of your power needs to solar powered. The sun is the best resource of free energy that you can use to create the energy you need and have full control over the production. Pricing is at wholesale so it's affordable more than ever
Cheryl Maples - (11/6/2011 2:03:40 AM) : Happy Birthday, Robert! Enjoy your special day! Cheryl
Cheryl Maples - (11/6/2010 5:09:54 AM) : Happy Birthday, Robert! Have a great day! Cheryl
Chuck Detore - (11/23/2007 6:34:44 PM) : Robert is doing the right thing, ya gotta respect him, with a ten.
Bruce Glidden - (7/2/2007 1:22:12 PM) : Hello Robert,

I'm very interested in solar electric.
We will be talking in the future.
Marilyn L Martin - (3/25/2007 8:32:56 PM) : HI Robert,

I am giving you a rating of "10" because you deserve it due to the caring and wonderful person that you are! Robert a great asset to the AdlandPro community, he is a good friend to many here. Robert is very concerned about people and the world's environment, and does whatever he can to help both. Robert is a very nice, friendly, and intelligent individual whom I enjoy talking to very much. He has a strong faith in God as well, among many other fine qualities. I am very proud to have him as a friend!

God Bless You Robert,

Marilyn Martin
Ralph Coppley - (2/12/2007 9:56:29 AM) : Robert, who is your upline in this Solar power program. I have a system that is doing it also. Here is mine.
Solar Power: You have seen the panels, you have heard of the savings. Now is the time to reserve your system to be installed FR@EE with only a small security deposit and start enjoying the savings on your electric bill. Interested:
Joelees Wholesale - (2/4/2007 1:31:46 PM) : Hi Robert,
Thank you for your friendship :-) I'm honored to be a member of your adland family God speed my new friend :-) Lee


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