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Troy Jenkins
BirthdayFriday, May 03, 1968
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About Me
Well I can safely say...I am a people person...

Having no sisters or brothers I think it has kind of helped me appreciate others a little more... I like positive know the "I can" people rather than the "I can't" people...having said that...we all have to start somewhere right :o)

I'm not so excited about people who are negative...I think to grow as a person you need to attract good vibes and positive energy to know..."Law of Attraction"...I believe in "you are what you eat" other words If you hang out with abundance filled positive in minds and souls then the chances are you will become that too. It can be hard at first but sometimes you have to break free from others who you hold close in order to excel and evolve into a better's called growing up and striving for a better existence.

I am definitely interested in meeting entrepreneurs, "old School" Network Marketers, Online Network marketers "New School" Network Marketers, Investment savvy people, the more the merrier...from anywhere around the globe...add yourself as a friend...lets chat. The type of People who know dreams are exactly that (A Dream) with out action behind them, People who want to be the most they can be, People who want to leave this world knowing they could not have possibly done anymore, People who do realise the more you give the more you receive, People who want to help others, People who want to give back the to world...too many people just want to be stinking rich - they just don't get "IT" (The difference between "stinking rich" and "wealthy" is not how much money you have it what you do with it ;o)

There are too many people who drain others "emotional bank account" (we all have one...some of us make to many withdrawals on others and don't deposit anything back)...think about it it makes sense :o), I definitely have no time for liars and deceitful people...really they don't have any respect...cos let's face it, when you lie or deceive someone you really are thinking you are showing a great level of disrespect for that person...just remember lies & deceit scar your mind and can manifest into long term mental wounds resulting in trust issues...Beside at the end of the day they only end up hurting themselves when they lie to others - you know the old saying - "Boy who cried wolf" ...Treating people with the same respect will get you everywhere oh yeah one more thing - Smiling is everything ;-)
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