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Leo Radunz

Leo Radunz
BirthdayMonday, May 28, 1951
Member SinceSunday, September 26, 2004
Last ActivityTuesday, March 25, 2008
LocationWhite Bear Lake, Minnesota, United States United States
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About Me
About Me

Let's see....where do I start?


I am a computer geek who has been online for about 8 years or so and have been running businesses and making money for the past 6 years.


I make my living online and do most of my work during the summer and travel the southern part of the good old USA in the winter.


I am currently growing my beard out to play Santa for the kids at the Childrens Hospital.

So I presently look rather motley, and scare off members here at Adland with my appearance.

It's no wonder people stopped adding me as a friend...


Oh will be their loss not to have me as a mentor!


I currently run a few different busineses online and do quite well, and enjoy the experience.


I will add more later.


Take care and I wish you great success in all of your ventures.








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Angela Cardwell - (11/7/2005 10:16:48 PM) : Seems to me with all my friends giving you a 10. Any friend of theirs is a friend of mine. Wish I'd known you sooner.

good luck to you Leo,
FAITH FAITH - (10/17/2005 6:13:24 PM) : Hello Leo, I rate you 100% and on Adlandpro, a 10!! Thank you for being a Gentleman and a Good Businessman! Take care. Faith
Chris Fourie - (4/24/2005 8:39:50 AM) : great guy, always willing to help all
Kathy Burch - (4/15/2005 10:42:35 PM) : Leo Gives excellent no nonsense advice! Listen to his tips and he'll help you just like he helped me! Thanks Leo!
Dennis Clairmont - (4/15/2005 12:16:33 AM) : Leo

To all In adland This guy is a treasure trove.Leo is always out to help ppl as much as he can.He does get involved in projects and is not heard of from time to time but what he shows back up good things follow leo.I'm always willing to see what leo pulls out of his bag of tricks.i'm giveing leo a 10 and happy to do it.Leo to you i salute you.
Eva Marie Farrell - (3/28/2005 2:49:26 AM) : Hi Leo,

You are an extra ordinary entrepreneurs

Friend,Eva Marie Farrell
Lisa Westberry - (3/11/2005 1:58:50 PM) : Hello Leo,
Boy, this sounds and looks like a great thing to get into. I am really intersted.
I can not wait to get started. I need some
more details so I know what I am doing.
Your site is fantastic. Great work!

Lisa Westberry
Leo Radunz - (3/11/2005 1:58:50 PM) : Hello Lisa.

Thank you so very much for the high rating.

I hope the information I had sent to you was beneficial.
When you are ready to start that site and need the info for the affiliate me.

I will try and help as much as I can.

To your success.

Kenneth R Sword Jr - (3/11/2005 12:05:08 PM) : Wanted to give you something you have already earned deeply. A 10. Your involvement and warm demeanor makes it a joy to be a part of this community.

Your AdlandPro friend

Kenneth R Sword Jr
Leo Radunz - (3/11/2005 12:05:08 PM) : Hello Kenneth.

Thank you very much for the high rating.

Don't know if I really deserve it, but I most definitely will accept it. :^)

I just try and help those who need it.
When someone calls for help...someone should answer the call.
If I can't directly help them, then I direct them to where they *can* get the help they need.

To your success Kenneth.



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