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David Davis

David Davis
BirthdaySaturday, August 09, 1969
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LocationHigh Ridge , Missouri, United States United States
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About Me

My name is David Davis,Like most i work hard during the day and try to run

my online businesses at night.I do construction and lead abatement.I was born in st.louis mo. in 1969 i am 40 years old and i hope one day i can be able to stay home with wife and work from my own office versus the rat race i go to everyday now.I am not any kind of internet guru,But i do know quite a bit about running ads and advertising and people relations.I say this because i am a supervisor at my work i run 10 to 15 people every day i also get to run bids on jobs we do for the city and counties of st louis mo. plus i get to dabble in the advertising for our company as far as brochures,flyers,mailing ads and so on.Its a daunting task but i like the knowlage that i recieve from it as it helps me run my internet ventures as well.But i have to say that adlandpro is a great tool with the knowlage and resources they have its amazing the things you can get accomplished.If you are still a free member you need to upgrade dont get me wrong the free services are great but the services you get from a paid membership is truly top notch and second to none.If you would like to upgrade i will be happy to sponsor you just click the link at the end and you are on your way to making money maybe for the first time since you started you online venture.Well thank you for your time and  have a great day.


p.s. here is the link to upgrade your account


And here is the link to my web site if you would like to visit


you may contact me at


p.s.s. I will be putting out a news letter real soon and i need subscribers

if you would like to subscribe please contact me at 

my newsletter will have site reviews,product reviews,and everyday life material that might interest you.I will also be sending out coupons and gift certificates once i get them in line you will be able to use them for advetising or other on-line business related products.

Thanks again and have a great day.







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Cheryl Maples - (8/9/2010 4:18:20 AM) : Happy Birthday, David! Have a great day! Cheryl


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