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Ron Nelson

Ron Nelson
BirthdayFriday, May 11, 1934
Member SinceMonday, January 30, 2006
Last ActivityThursday, July 08, 2021
LocationLake Oswego, Oregon, United States United States
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About Me

I am an Oregonion turned sno-bird. We live about 6 months in Lake Oswego, OR, and then spend the other 6 months in Casa Grande, AZ.  We have a small motor home, and RV around the  Oregon area in the summer. Sometimes fishing, or camping with our TrailBlazer camping group.


I went to Oregon State University(college then),and graduated in 1956. Spent time in the Army, then worked in retail management, real estate sales, property management, and finally as a Hearing Aid Specialist.


Be happy to hear from you. Ron

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Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (5/9/2016 5:34:26 AM) : Happy Birthday ~~~ Happiness is one's mind over matter. One's mind being the individual, living among the living ... Matter is infinite from the point of an individual ... beyond Earth into the cosmos ... by Jan aka Jaz (December 23, 2015) $$$ Let's Network ... visit my profile and click link in [About Me]
Alain Deguire - (5/10/2012 3:56:06 PM) : Hello Ron! Tomorrow is your day and I want it to be as Unique and Wonderful as You are. Have a magical and blessed birthday!
Cheryl Maples - (5/11/2011 5:34:39 AM) : Happy Birthday, Ron! Enjoy your special day! Cheryl
Cheryl Maples - (5/11/2010 8:00:21 AM) : Happy Birthday, Ron! Have a great day! Cheryl
Gary and Viktoria Affron - (6/17/2008 4:04:48 AM) : High Caliber People Do High Caliber Things!
Ron Nelson is One of Those People!

Love the Forward Description of Who He Is, and Most of All What He Expects of Others!

Honesty & Ethics in Any Business is Required First and Foremost!

We Also Refuse to Work With Any Person(s) or Company(s) that Don't Exude the Highest Standards and Leadership!

Well Said Ron Nelson!
Ron Nelson - (6/17/2008 4:04:48 AM) : Hi Gary and Viktoria, Thanks for stopping by my site, and thanks for the good review. Stay well. Ron
Joyce Jeanbaptiste - (6/1/2008 9:46:16 AM) : Hello Ron I will be looking at this lad generating tool thanks
Ron Nelson - (6/1/2008 9:46:16 AM) : Hi Joyce, Thanks for stopping by my page. My best to you. Ron
Larry Nichols - (5/15/2008 7:59:38 PM) : Hi Ron
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Thank you for the new leads
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To Your Success
Larry Nichols
Ron Nelson - (5/15/2008 7:59:38 PM) : Hi Larry, Thanks for reviewing my website. Hope all is well for you in Fl. Have you seen this program? Be sure and listen to the audio.


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