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Danny Mills
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About Me

 Hi my name is Dan Mills,

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Success is a matter of the mind. Refuse to give up or give in and you WIN! You turn failures inside out by not letting the little failures get to you and you keep on keeping on.


Then Success becomes yours forever.

Who had the most strike outs in base ball? Babe Ruth did but he is remembered for his home run hits!


He had more failures then successes but he's remembered for his successes!


It's an attitude for life.


Share success simply by telling others like sharing the news only with a little more excitement in your eye.


All of my successes in life I credit to God and Jesus Christ. With out Jesus in my life I would be a failure. I have been given understanding beyond the norm that allowes me to see the big picture so to speak. I know that God did not put us here to achieve less then He made us capable of achieving.  I repeat, God did not put us here to achieve less then He made us capable of achieving. As I view the world and all of it's creations I see intelligent design that could not have happened by mere chance or have come into existence via the big bang.


By intelligent design I mean like the insect that when attacked by it's enemies, turns into the head of a python snake and looks exactly like the head of a python snake. Also farmers ants that use other insects to harvest their food. Camels with two sets of eye lids, one clear so they can see in a sand storm and webbed toes so they can walk in the sand with out sinking.

I believe this was all created by design.


Is evolution an intelligent or an unintelligent source of creation? That is what some considerable the unanswerable question!


I believe that the truth is the answer that many refuse to face! Can something come from nothing with out an intelligent designer?


Is life the progressive realization of a dream?

The progressive realization of nothing is nothing so life had to come from some thing intelligent and that is God.


If indeed things ( creations ) have a design then there must be a designer! A thinking source of creation! Scientists are finding all kinds of designs yet many refuse to admit that their must be an intelligent source of creation.


Think about it! We are the most intelligent beings we have ever encountered on earth.


We can calculate the vastness of space and travel to the moon and yet we have such little faith in our selves to achieve success in life.


Such little faith in our God given ability to achieve what He designed us to achieve!


If you can see God's hand in all that is natural on earth and all natural created life and things then you have to consider that God has created us not as limited beings but as fully empowered beings to achieve our dreams.


And achieve our dreams we have from generation to generation. Our natural minds are the source of those creations!

The things we have today the people who lived in the 1500's would call witchery!


The things we will have in the future, say in the year 5025 we today would consider absolutely amazing and totally bewildering.


Stretch your mind to see God in your life helping you to achieve your dreams!


I'm a Christian. Not perfect, just forgiven and I do my best to walk the walk and talk the talk but I believe action speaks louder then words. I believe there is valuable proof that Jesus Christ was raised alive from the grave and lives today. One only needs to honestly examine this proof to discover that there is a real  challenge believing any thing else.


After all, if we can believe that we live on a little ball of dirt in a bubble of air, in a deep dark void called space then believing that Jesus Christ lives today is not so far fetched or crazy as many in this world think.


A man once asked me if I really believed that Jonah really lived three days in the belly of a whale? I asked him if he believed that we really live on a little ball of dirt in a bubble of air in a deep dark void called space?

How is one any stranger then the other?


Have A Great New Year!

And Make Your Life A Success!


Dan Mills

Expect A Great Life!




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Jason Lamure - (2/24/2007 6:29:08 AM) : Hi,

Danny rates a 10 because he is an active and friendly particpant in many forums and always shows a willingness to help others.

Jason Lamure
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Danny Mills - (2/24/2007 6:29:08 AM) : Hi Jason,
thank you. I'm deeply honored by your rating.
I love those glasses in your picture too!
Got to get me a pare.
Your friend,
May God be with you always.
Terry Gorley - (2/22/2007 1:27:08 PM) : Thank you Dan for your invitation for friendship. I love your positive attitude. You didn't try to sell me anything and I love your note EXPECT A Great Day! ... I usually just say Smile & Have A Great Day! I think yours is better!
Danny Mills - (2/22/2007 1:27:08 PM) : Thank you Terry,
As always I'm so honored to have friends like you and I think I have been blessed to always attract the best of friends. It would do me no good to go forward with a negative attitude, especially when all my friends are so positive.
It is infectious and I thank you.

God thinks positive! Why not me too!
Your friend,
Joelees Wholesale - (2/16/2007 4:21:57 PM) : Hi Danny,
Thank you for the warm invite :-) I would be honored be to a member of your adland family and share ideas and interest God speed my friend :-)Lee
Danny Mills - (2/16/2007 4:21:57 PM) : Thank you so much my friend,
I appreciate you and all of my Adland friends so much. You are what makes AdLand so worth while. I can stress this enough.

Many blessings to you.
Your friend,
Kathy Kanouse - (2/15/2007 8:36:20 PM) : Thank you for your kind friendship invitation & not just a sales pitch. I appreciate that more then words can explain. I wish you much to your sucess in all that you are working on. I give you a thumbs up Danny :)
Your New Friend
Kathy K
Danny Mills - (2/15/2007 8:36:20 PM) : Thak you Kathy.
I'm honored. I wish you great success too.
The greatest reward of AdLand is people like you. It's a blessing to know you.

God's speed to your dreams.
your friend alway
Kathy Hamilton - (2/15/2007 11:23:26 AM) : hello,
glad your here, if you need anything let me know,kathy
Danny Mills - (2/15/2007 11:23:26 AM) : Thank you kathy. I'm humbled, honored and appreciate your help.


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