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Beverly Armstrong

Beverly Armstrong
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About Me

Need to know WHAT to look for in an opportunity? I will be able to advise you.


  • Beverly Armstrong NC, (Certifed Nutritional Consultant, & Counseling Since August 1982) Chicago & Michigan (Dr. Paul Patchem)
  • Certified Mycrous Therapist, (Homeopathies) 1983 Chicago (Dr. Paul Patchem)
  • Certified Reiki Master, Michigan Association 1985
  • Certified Magnetic Therapist From Ina Bryant, 1983 Chicago
  • Entrepreneuring Part-time 1990, Full-time 1995
  • Networking Business Consultant for the past Four Years. AND AN ALL-AROUND GOOD GAL IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF! :)
  • Script, Newsletter & Website Writing For The Past Four Years.


Now My Workday Consists Of A 60 Second Commute To My PC!
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Randall Pendland - (7/12/2006 10:18:10 AM) : Bev., I just checked out your site and saved money by NOT using one of the companies on your BAD list.

Thanks and great surfing!

Dr. P.
Beverly Armstrong - (7/12/2006 10:18:10 AM) : That's what it is all about! I wish we could give such ratings in advance, but alas it is not always possible to do so!

Thank you Doc. :)
Leon Horton - (6/26/2006 11:43:33 AM) : Hi Bev,

I am rating you as a great mentor and teacher from the past experience I had with you here before. You are so kind and considerate with all of your friends and forum participants.

I hope your health will continue to improve.

Peace and prosperity to you and yours,
Beverly Armstrong - (6/26/2006 11:43:33 AM) : Thank you so much Leon! You are a GREAT supporter yourself!

May those you meet in life return that same support to you my friend. :)

HUGS, Beverly
Lonna Modersohn - (6/21/2006 3:19:16 PM) : Beverly is a very special lady. If you have a question she has a answer. Glad to have met her. Lonna
Beverly Armstrong - (6/21/2006 3:19:16 PM) :
Lonna, how sweet you are! Thank you!

HUGS, Beverly
John Partington - (4/4/2006 2:56:53 PM) : Hi Beverly,

Its great to see you back, I have done a new thread for you at so hopefully you should get all your old friends back and some new one's as well.

Best Wishes
Beverly Armstrong - (4/4/2006 2:56:53 PM) : John you not only are a sweetheart but you are one of MY favorite 10's too!

HUGS, Beverly


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