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James Mossbarger

James Mossbarger
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About Me

I am a very happily married man, who enjoys fishing, hunting and swimming when I'm not working on different entrepreneurial interests. I am always looking and in the market for new ideas. That's me in a nutshell!

Let's see, Carole and I were married in June 2001, between us we have 7 children ages ranging from 35  to 22  and 9 grandchildren! We have a very full and sometimes chaotic life! I, by trade, am a truck driver. I also have had some large successes in Real Estate, buying  and selling and am active now in paper. Buying and selling notes(security instruments)or as some know them cash flow instruments. My only partner is my wife who is more than capable of holding down the fort and running the business when I am out on the road. Our goal is to get me home forever! For that reason we are also actively pursuing internet marketing businesses. We are looking for solid people who are willing to WORK with us who want to succeed. I bellieve we have found the product and Marketing Plan! Check it out at http://www.truckhealth/com!

This is a product that I actually use myself and tried it before I started to promote it! It WORKS! 

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. If you're new to AdlandPro you'll enjoy yourself, if you're not and been around for awhile, thanks for all the info and help you show to everyone in the community.

Jim and Carole


THIS JUST IN! (or out) Our 35 yr old daughter, Joni just presented us with a brand new grand daughter--Charity Lee Grace--Tues. Aug. 16 at 5:40 Pm. This is why I've been neglecting my house at Adland...sorry folks  As soon as we get the pix, we'll post them on our blogger site at


My daughter, Rebecca presented us with another baby girl on October 12, 2005! Oi Vai! is it ever crazy around here!


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Janice& Gary Hawkins - (8/30/2005 6:44:43 PM) : Gary and Janice Hawkins just left your website and found it to be proffessional and informational as well so we rated it a 10 out of 10. Welcome to the Adland Community if we can ever be of any assistance to you please let us know, respectfully your friends in Idaho.
James Mossbarger - (8/30/2005 6:44:43 PM) : Thank you so much! This place is so exciting!
YOu are so nice to do this.
Kathy Hamilton - (7/15/2005 1:41:51 AM) : Hello Family,
welcome to adland,very interesting site,Please join our forums. kathy martin


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