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Mohd Sabbah

Mohd Sabbah
BirthdaySaturday, March 22, 1975
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LocationAbu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
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Alain Deguire - (3/21/2012 1:25:50 AM) : "Hello Mohd! This is your day and I want it to be as Unique and Wonderful as You are. Have a magical and blessed birthday!"
Brent Bush - (3/25/2011 6:36:02 PM) : Thanks again! can't understand why you wouldn't want free stuff.
Brent Bush - (3/20/2011 1:27:41 PM) : Thanks for visiting
Alain Deguire - (3/21/2010 12:45:17 PM) : Happy Birthday Mohd! Enjoy your Day and have FUN! Blessings, Alain
Roger Bjornerud - (2/23/2010 11:38:05 AM) : Thanks for asking me to be friends Mohd.
Amanda Bird - (12/28/2009 6:35:14 PM) : Mohd let 2010 be better then all the rest. Vow to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time. Call up a forgotten friend, make a new friend, help a stranger. Walk tall, dream big and smile more. May your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want - an Irish Toast. Here's to the new "adventures" in 2010. Your Friend In Success Amanda
Amanda Bird - (12/19/2009 7:04:18 PM) : Hi Mohd. Wishing you a happy, fun and my style is 'adventurous' Holiday Season. Thankyou for connecting with this Aussie on Adlandpro. I look forward to what may lay ahead. Your Friend In Success Amanda "One Can Not Consent To Creep When One Feels An Impulse To Soar"
Amanda Bird - (12/17/2009 9:13:53 AM) : Hi Mohd. Your daughter Talyne is adorable. Drop by my profile and say hi and let me know if I may be of assistance. Your Friend In Success Amanda "One Can Not Consent To Creep When One Feels An Impulse To Soar"
Robert Coaster - (9/29/2009 10:38:12 PM) : Thanks for adding me nice to meet you.
Mohd Sabbah - (9/28/2009 12:49:07 PM) : Thank you :)


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