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Aretha Zellars
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About Me
I am a 47 yr. old business woman, mother of 1, grandmother of 5. I live in Houston,Texas I have been into marketing for 5 yrs.I did Sales for 4 yrs. I did telemarketing as well. I have also been and insurance agent for 1 yr, getting leads for companys need group or indiviual coverage.I'm involved in starting a support group for children with Genetic Disorder, Chromsome1
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Jimmy Gudmand - (12/3/2009 9:53:50 PM) : Hi Aretha. Just want to visit and say hi. Good luck on your supportgroup for children. Jimmy
Myriam Zuleta - (9/18/2009 4:21:26 AM) : Hi Aretha:
I am glad to learn that you live in Houston, I used to live by Walnut Bend (one block from Wilcrest) and westhimer; three years ago I moved to Spring, very close to The Woodlands but still majority of my friends live there and I work in Dairy Ashford close to westhimer; I hope you accept me as a friend and maybe we could make kind of an AdlandPro association. Any way good luck.
Doug Cornell - (9/9/2009 5:37:02 PM) : Hi Aretha, well I dont want to be like the rest only to say that I have been given the opportunity with a great company after what seemed to be an endless search. The power is yours to control which opportunity will be best for you. The company is called 2 plus 7 and is brand new, Let me know if you have any questions.
God bless
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Lotus Joshua - (8/27/2009 4:20:36 AM) : Many people forget that God is in charge of the universe.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart........and He shall direct your path.
Arnold Lauritzen - (5/9/2008 3:45:10 PM) : Your forum I looked at. Becareful with the idea
of not owning your own website. Looook's to me like many people are offering you their program, becarful there toooo.
Websites and domain names are cheap but you must go about it right. my website 4 instance
cost $8.50 hosting and domain was $5.00 for name but has now gone to $9.95....If you wnat to talk email me and we can talk on cells. Cant't type this looong. Go 2 hit the hosting link then domain search. well' go from there . Certain domain name will be the trick , get a used or cheap one with established traffic / coming up search engines .
yahoo Aretha
David Sudhakar Bula - (11/5/2006 9:27:56 AM) : its nice to hear of you.please pray about service to the destitute children.
Best wishes to you..
Aretha Zellars - (11/5/2006 9:27:56 AM) : Behold,the eye of the lord is on those who fear him,One those who hope in his mercy,to deliever their soul from death,and keep and keep them alive in famine. Our soul waits for the lord; He is our help and our shield. for our heart shall rejoice in him,because we have trusted in his holy name.Let your mercy,OLord,be upon us,just as we hope in you



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