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Mel Baxter-Smith

Mel Baxter-Smith
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LocationTaunton, Somerset, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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About Me

My name is Mel, actually it's Melanie, however I prefer to be called Mel!. I live in Taunton which is in Somerset. I belong to our local Breast Cancer Support Group here in Somerset. I suffered from breast Cancer several years ago, but am now fighting fit. We have a get together once a month and chat and occasionally have a speaker. We also have a good social scene with the group where we go out for meals and visit various places. We help and support each other and we like to be there if anyone needs a bit of support.

I enjoy keeping fit, not too strenuous!, with a bit of exercising every morning in the gym. I enjoy visiting a few pubs and enjoy a glass of red wine or two!! or more!!!

I have had a broad career background of providing service to the public. I was an Air Stewrdess for 10 years, and more recently was a TV Presenter of "Girl Talk" - an afternoon chat show on our Local TV Station in Taunton.

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Dave Hayes - (12/4/2015 3:30:28 PM) : Happy Birthday Mel. have a good one
Mohamed Hassan - (8/4/2015 8:09:21 AM) : There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and BE NOTHING. –Aristotle
Mohamed Hassan - (8/4/2015 8:06:49 AM) : There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and BE NOTHING. –Aristotle
Nathan Services Inc - (12/16/2014 3:20:33 PM) : Thanks for joining my Network The Benefits of joining are yours to keep. Gain an advantage today.
John Kannemeyer - (4/4/2011 8:07:01 PM) : Hi Mel I hope you are in good health today.Iwould like to run an idea by you and if you like to hear me out you can contact me via email
Martin Staunfeldt - (12/8/2010 9:37:38 AM) : Mel, Thank you for your friendship, Brian & Gitte we are here for you
Zed Jansen - (12/6/2010 1:06:58 PM) : Thank you very much for the invitation. I appreciate it, I have GOOD NEWS for you, and am going to send u a message, have a look and let me know. ZED
Donovan Baldwin - (9/12/2009 11:32:42 AM) : Hello Mel. Thank you for allowing us to be friends and for dropping by my profile. I have posted a backlink to your profile on my forum, The Independent Entrepreneur, under the topic: Who Dropped By Today for Saturday 09/12
Jayanti Raman - (2/18/2008 10:47:46 AM) : Hi Mel, i am new
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Kindly do visit:

Norman Leonard - (11/24/2007 5:40:50 PM) : let me know if i can help. i am a self made millionaire and if i can offer any assistance just ask. welcome to my network.


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