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Todd Hardy

Todd Hardy
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About Me
About Me


Hi now then who is Todd Hardy?


First thing you need to know is that I believe strongly in a Creator and that his PLAN is soon going to make HUGE changes in the next few years and it is all Good. No not Dark and Gloomy but a great awakening will occur.


Just don't leave your eyes wide shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But what About Todd and What do you do now?


That could prove to be and long and wild discussion if I got into all that I have been through in my short time here on this planet.


Long Story Short I had your typical baby boomer life as a child, you know the drunk parents and so on and on.


Then I decided at a young age that I would not be a drunkard and have been able to say to this day that I have not gone the way of my parents.


I have been in business for myself since I finished High School In Thunder Bay Ont. Hillcrest High.


Right out of High School I started Dealing in Car Sales for Personel Friends and making a fair profit, then I started a Janitorial Company in The Bay. Got Board with this after a few years.


Sold it and Started a Business in Vancouver Bc. Now I have a few websites and also repair computers and peripherals. I have am on facebook, and youtube and do live music shows for all the friends I have in Vancouver.


If you would like to know more about Todd. Then be my friend here at adlander.



Thanks for dropping by.             Todd



So now I am still Single and would like to find a lovely lady when she finds me or visa versa.











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Joelees Wholesale - (12/14/2007 11:12:47 AM) : Hi Todd,
Welcome to Adland Family Of Friends,Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee


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